Lil Man’s Nursery: The Walls

I worked with The Land of Nod to put some finishing touches on my lil man’s nursery. It was really fun looking through their art and getting to choose a couple of pieces! But I’ve also been busy with some DIY projects that I’m creating, and so I thought I’d share a sneak peek of what’s going on with my lil man’s walls!

boy-nursery-walls-1 boy-nursery-walls-2
Southwest Wall Decals & bunch of paper mache letters

boy-nursery-walls-6 boy-nursery-walls-5
Giraffe wall hook & Rifle Animal Alphabet Poster

boy-nursery-walls-4 boy-nursery-walls-3
Canvas USA Map & Plastic Animal Masks

I have some fantastic ideas for the paper mache letters and the animal masks, so stay tuned! And I have to say, that though I received the product in return for promotion (girl’s gotta live!) I am so thrilled with my Land of Nod art! It’s such high quality and I love having the finishing touches for the room! I’m one lucky mama.

I didn’t realize when I ordered it that the Rifle alphabet print is framed, so when it arrived I was EXTRA excited. I’ve never, ever, owned a piece of professionally framed art, and it totally made me sit back and say, “So THIS is how the other half live.” Haha.

In other news, an article I wrote for my Babble Voices blog was featured on Huffington Post! So exciting. It’s called: Lessons in confidence from my 2-year-old

I also wrote another article: The Worst Comments I’ve Gotten as a Pregnant Lady

And I did a round-up of great Easter activities and crafts for kids on Minted’s blog Julep.

It’s been a busy but very good week! I hope you have a great weekend!



  1. Courtney

    Those are so cute! Also I really loved your article that was on Huff Post. Amen! I am going to forward it to all my sisters.

    1. thanks so much!

  2. courtney

    You see, I don’t think you look abnormally large at all! (saw the pic on Babble) I have seen so many girls as of late who are pregnant and it’s like they don’t even show–THAT’S NOT NORMAL. You look gorgeous, and you are pregnant in a very classic, Marilyn Monroe (va va voom) way. So there.

  3. Your articles are hilarious.

    I had a ton of amniotic fluid with my third, so I can empathize. A lady at church said, “You are bigger than I was when I delivered my twins!” And I *should* have said to her, “There is no way you were ever pregnant–not even with twins–because you would know how incredibly insensitive that kind of comment is.”

    It’s the women who make such horrible comments that should be slapped. We should know better. All men should just constantly commend our spectacular gorgeousness–pregnant or not.

    You’re hot. So, there’s that!

    1. You’re so right! It is the women who are the worst offenders! I think that they forget that even though we are PREGNANT we are all different! haha, it doesn’t automatically put us in the same boat! thanks for the love! xo

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