DIY Glittered Animal Clips

glittered animal clip DIY

Today we are going to learn how to make these ADORABLE clips that can totally add more fun to your bun! But we are also going to learn…

how to glitter like a pro
(thank you to Heather for the FAB pictures)

It has been said (by me mostly) that I’m kind of an adhesives genius.

I know, I have been blessed with many IMPORTANT talents such as; being able to hang pictures straight, being able to find perfect center with just my eyeball, and then there’s my knack for being able to research odd things ad nauseam like: which type of glue is best for this project.

And so I’ll say this, these little glittered DIY Animal Clips are not rocket science. BUT if you want to glitter ANYTHING successfully you will follow my advise. And if you want your clip to stay attached to your tiny glittered animal than you shall HEED my adhesive warning.

But first! You have to look at pictures of how cute my daughter is.


And NOW I’ll share my adhesive secrets!

The two types of glue you will need for this are

1. Tacky Glue

2. E6000

In short, if you want to glitter ANYTHING tacky glue is the glue to use! NOT white glue, tacky glue. I apply mine with a paint brush in a case like this, and I do the animal one side at a time. Do you need to seal the glitter with something? Not really. If you crust the animal well with glue and glitter it will stay very well. You can ever do coats of glitter glue, like coats of paint. If you REALLY want to you can give the whole thing a coat of modge podge after everything is nice and dry. But honestly, tacky glue does such a good job with things like this I don’t bother with the outer coat.

To attach the clip follow the directions on the package of E6000. Make sure your tacky glue and glitter have fully dried before doing this! Maybe 30 minutes or so? Also, don’t use hot glue. I mean you can, but if you do the clip will fall off.

I used alligator clips from the craft store and plastic animals that I stole from my 2-year-old. If you don’t have a toddler to pilfer goods from, the grocery store always seems to have some critters. Gigi likes the lizard best.

Here are some visuals!

DIY glittered animal clips

diy glittered lizard
glittered animals

And here’s how I get Ginger to take ANY pictures. But you’ll notice that she is turned to the side in most of them watching a show, because she cares nothing for my antics and is HORRIBLY uncooperative.

bribing children

I think these would be such cute party favors for a birthday party! Or even a craft for older kids to do.

Happy glittering and happy crafting!



  1. Candy

    Adorable! Wish I had a little girl to make these for <3

  2. Mame M

    Love these!! Jace will be sad when I don’t let him wear one. So question, I am guessing that the E6000 glue directions don’t cover “hair clips” exactly. How did you glue on the figure without gluon closed the clip itself?

    1. Ok! So I tried this a bunch of times and really the clips won’t glue shut, I did put some plastic in between a few times but it doesn’t matter too much. I try to open it after 30 mins or so to make sure!

  3. Love these! I did something similar last weeks with toys, if you’d like to check it out:

    I might make one or two glittery magnets next…

  4. oh my goodness, gigi is precious! i think we’d get along, i like the lizard the best too!

  5. Nancy

    I would even wear these, so fun!

  6. Hi – found your delightful blog via Blog Catalog! These clips are adorable. Will have to make a few for my granddaughter when she gets a bit older. She’s 9 months now. Time flies though so I’d better get crackin’

    I think she will love the lizard too! I do! Thanks for the glue tip. There’s also a website that gives info on different glues – I forget the exact name – its something like What Sticks to What. When I find it, I will write back.

    Thanks again


  7. Ok – I had a brief senior moment but after I wrote my comment I remembered the website name –


  8. These are adorable!! Man, I love that glitter…I keep glittering everything I can get my hands on with it!

  9. April

    I totally agree with Gigi. I like the lizard best too. 😉

  10. Confeti en los bolsillos

    ¡¡Me rechifla!! Esta idea me la apunto y en cuanto empiece Octubre la hago y te cuento.
    Gracias por compartir
    Confeti en los bolsillos

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