12 months of martha stewart crafts

12 Months of Martha

12 months of martha stewart crafts

(to see what I ended up making go here!)

I mentioned on Instagram that I was asked to participate in a little ditty called, “12 Months of Martha.” Basically this just means I’m super important and Martha has hand chosen me as her next protege. I’ll be moving to New York as soon as the baby is born and working under her directly.

Ok. What is ACTUALLY means is they asked a lot of people to participate (but I bet Martha PERSONALLY suggested me…) and we will all get a box in the mail each month with Martha Stewart Craft supplies. We then have a certain amount of time to complete a craft with said supplies. I lost the letter that came with the box…so I’m a little fuzzy on the details. WISH ME LUCK!

Here’s a snapshot of what came in the box this month! Normally I wouldn’t commit to something like this, but I truly love Martha Stewart Craft supplies, and it’s not like I’m not ALREADY crafting…so I decided it would be fun!

So, what would you make with this month’s box? Obviously there are so many options. I have one or two ROLLING around in the ol’ noggin. But please, do share!

I can’t believe it’s February. I have SO MANY Valentine’s ideas to share and only 10 or so days to do it in! Next week is going to ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF. I’m not kidding.

Stay tuned and happy weekend!



  1. stickers, and glitter, and yarn oh my! what an awesome opportunity, and i am sure that martha herself selected you because i am sure you are going to do something amazing with this!

    what would i do with this? i think you have everything there that you need to make a little valentine’s day party happen. i would finger-knit some garland, use the paper and heart punch to make confetti, make some cute valentines/place-cards covered in glitter, and then whip up some cupcakes and invite martha herself over!

    1. HAHAH I love it! I know I wanted to try to finger knit it! I’m worried it might be too thin though, if only Gigi could put those tiny fingers to work! maybe I’ll find an unassuming 6-year-old to put to work! xox


  3. Ok. So you should totally make those little cutlery holders out of the paper and then glitterize them and stick miniature pom poms on them. And then mail them to me so I look crafty at my next dinner party.

  4. Congrats!I am also participating in the 12 Months of Martha! I can’t wait to see all the great supplies we get to work with throughout 2013!

    1. fun! I just took a look at your blog and we also used the same minted Christmas cards! haha TWINNERS! Can’t wait to see your projects!

  5. So fun! Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  6. Galina

    Where can I see what you came up with? I love crafting and really excited to see what you come up with!

    1. Galina! What a great idea, thank you so much! I’ve added a link in the post that takes you to my finished project! And I’m going to make a special 12 months of Martha tag so that people can find the projects that way too! Thanks for you input!

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