Lil Man’s Nursery


Honestly, I tend to forget this baby is going to need stuff. I know. But see, I already had a baby, and the baby shower, and bought all the STUFF, and I’m kind of over it. However, when I think about a lil’ man room, with lil man things and a tiny lil man who is going to be in that room, well SUDDENLY I want to bust out the plastic.

The problem is I don’t really HAVE any money to spend on STUFF anyway, but at least I can make my own mobile, RIGHT?! And if I had money I would totally BUY these things, but since I don’t I might try to make some similar things.

MissPrint Mountain Sunrise Wallpaper: I have been LOVING this wallpaper for a while now. I think it would be so perfect in a little boy’s room. It’s sophisticated but fun and I think it would age well. As in, I can see it for an older boy not just a baby.

Gigi Mobile by The Alison Show: Well OF COURSE I’ll be using one of my own mobiles. In fact, I might just make myself a custom one.

Rocking Sheep: This is one of those things that you see, and LOVE and then follow the trail to and realize it’s like an art piece that costs $1200 or something and you will never own it. However, I have a compulsive habit of buying faux fur if I see it in the remnants pile at the fabric store (HOW CAN YOU LEAVE DISCOUNTED FAUX FUR?) so by the time this boy is born I might have enough for a whole herd.

Little Titans Baby Tights: I might actually drop some actual cash on these. They are so freaking cute and they look so cozy. Oh I want to cuddle that lil mister SO HARD!

Varpunen Storage Container: Yet another gem I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. The thing about this fabulous lil guy is you CANNOT recreate it. I’ve researched the fabric and it’s just not feasible. I love having cute storage options for diapers and wipes, or blankets or toys and this is just perfect!

Brett Wilkinson A Colorful Rebellion Art Print: Actually I think I’m going to buy this right now. It’s on SALE! Shhhh, don’t tell Eric.

Well who knows if any of this will ever end up in my home, but sure would be fabulous, huh?

Happy weekend!




    I’m loving the vibe. I almost bought one of your mobile with baby boy number two but it’s a little out of the budget. I’d really love to have one for baby boy number three (due in april). If you did a giveaway… I wouldn’t complain *wink wink*

    1. Haha I’ll see what I can do! xo

  2. A rocking sheep?! My heart just melted.

    1. RIGHT? I want that fuzzy little monster SO BADLY!

  3. Love the little man tights! Oh I can’t wait to meet him!! 😀 -N

  4. Ouh, love that wallpaper! There is always the option of only doing one wall, or half the (or the one) walls with a molding in the middle.. When the paper is too pricy to do the whole room. I tend to feel claustrophobic in a full-wallpapered room anyways..

    1. I agree! That’s what I would want to do…but it’s still like a 300-400$ wall! Haha. one day!

  5. TJ

    Oh gosh, all of these picks are just perfect! Especially in love with that rebellion artprint! Just perfect 😉
    xo TJ

    1. Thank you! I bought it, hahaha even paid $10 for shipping! But it’s so fun and I can’t decide if I want it in my front room or the nursery! it’s awesome.

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