Homemade Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

I am obsessed with marshmallows. I mean, obsessed. At a campfire you will find me nursing my own bag snacking on raw ones while I set others on fire. Then I eat the crispy part, and burn the next layer. basically the only reason I drink hot chocolate is for the marshmallows. I grab one or two when I walk by the cupboard they are in, and I can’t stop myself from grabbing any seasonal-shaped marshmallow treat.

So that’s why I can’t believe I haven’t made my own before! It’s so easy and they taste SO GOOD.

For neighbor gifts this year I used this Homemade Marshmallow Recipe from Alton Brown.

I didn’t have a 9×13 pan (as the recipe calls for), so I used a regular cookie sheet, and they were thinner, but it worked great. I let mine sit out overnight.

For the chocolate coating I used 3 bars of semi-sweet Ghirardelli chocolate (most super-markets have them).

To melt the chocolate break it up in a microwave safe container, and melt it in 30 second bursts, stirring in-between. Do not let it go longer for 30 seconds! Your chocolate will sieze so quickly and that’s the worst!

As you can see I cut out my marshmallows with a pizza cutter and I didn’t worry about making them too perfect. Then I dipped them in the chocolate and alternated dipping them in silver sanding sugar and white non-pareils. I left some plain too. I think it would be SUPER cute to dip these in crushed candy canes!

I wish I would have made two batches so I could give each neighbor more, but sometimes I just have to tell myself, “Enough is enough!” And then lay awake at night still wishing I had made more, wondering if people thought I was stingy. AH!

Anyway, here’s how I packaged them!

I have the same philosophy about wrapping things as I do about making salads, it’s almost impossible to add too many things. But that’s just me!

Love you all!


  1. When I fist started reading this post I thought … Holy cow those marshmallows look so fantastic. Then I scrolled down and saw them bundled together in your cute packaging and my jaw hit the floor—so gorgeous!

    1. THANK You! That’s so nice of you to say! I tried so hard to get good pictures! haha

  2. April Mai

    Ahh, you eat the crispy part too?! Most people think I’m weird becuse I set my marshmallow on fire and then pull of the crispy skin. But it’s so good! I got someone to try it and then they too thought it was good. Don’t knock it til you try it! I can’t wait to try these. 🙂

  3. crafty girl

    Hi Alison! I’ve always loved your site and I really want to try this recipe but I don’t have a stand mixer. Do you think that the quality of the marshmallows would greatly suffer if I tried this with only a hand whisk? Or would a blender on the lowest “Dough” setting suffice? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I think if you have an electric hand mixer you’d be fine. I guess you could whisk by hand (they used to do it!) but that would be A LOT of work! And probably worth borrowing an electric mixer if you can! I’m not sure about the blender, I would think it would be different but I’m not totally sure! Good luck!

  4. Yum, theses look awesome!

    FEST (food, style, travel)

  5. I love the packaging of this, so cute and christmasy. What I love about your blog is that you make things looks realistic for the rest of us, which means doesn’t need to look perfect to be a great gift. You ended saying alright I can do this too, I love the messy bits 🙂 Thanks for sharing x

  6. Sarah

    I made these last night, with a hand mixer!! They turned out great! Thanks for the fun idea!!

  7. Yummmmmm those look delish!

  8. I made these last night and they turned out PERFECTLY! I was so excited to get it right on the first try. Alton’s recipe is wonderful. Packaging these up with a tin of hot cocoa mix and some chocolate-dipped pretzels for our Favorite Things party tonight! I know the girls will love them.

  9. Man, I wish you were my neighbor! 🙂

  10. This look so good!!

  11. Alison, these are so cute! Question, is there a secret to coaxing your chocolate to fully harden without melting so that you can package them in those adorable bags?

  12. After you left I finally ate one of these and was shocked at how delicious they are! You really shouldn’t call the packaged ones marshmallows. They should be called “soft white things in a bag,” or “corn syrup cleverly disguised,” because they taste so different than these scrumptious goodies. And the chocolate and crushed peppermint are an inspired combo. Way to go Ali – well worth the mess!

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