Obsessed: Vintage Fisher Price Toys

All found on Etsy: 1. Roly Poly Chime Ball // 2. School Days Desk // 3. Little People Family Schoolhouse // 4. School Bus with Little People Passengers // 5. Little People Fire Fighters and Truck // 6. A-Frame Little People Play Chalet

I really don’t go too crazy with gifts for Gigi yet. I figure I still have time before I REALLY have to fork over the dough to make her happy, and frankly I’d rather spend money on craft supplies until then. (Yes, I’m selfish!)

But! I do want to get her something special for Christmas, and she has been loving tiny things. She also really likes letters and numbers, and that’s how I got sucked into a Vintage Fisher Price vortex.

The “Little People” from back in the day are SO freaking cute. I mean, look at those firemen! And the A-frame cabin and school house seem to be very popular with all the hipsters. They can get pretty expensive, but if you shop around on Etsy and Ebay sometimes you can catch a steal. I’ve even heard tales of people scoring awesome finds at local thrift stores.

I’m trying to buy that alphabet desk on ebay right now! The letters fit like puzzle pieces in a tray, and I know Ginger would just freak out about that. But if I don’t swing it I hope to get something in the Little People line.

Do you have any other suggestions I should know about?!



  1. Awesome!!! You can also find great fisher price toys at some of the booths at Treasures Antique Mall in springville! My new obsession!

  2. Happysuz

    I had a number of those when I was a kid! My 5 yr old has already outgrown the little people stuff. I played with mine for much longer. They grow up so fast now. I hope you win the auction. Enjoy!

  3. Gosh! Talk about some fantastic Etsy finds.

    Since my little guy loves jamming to my record player I picked up a remake of the old Fisher Price record player at Target last year.

  4. Totally still have that bus and little people in the cupboard! Cute.

  5. I had both the truck at the bottom, and the alphabet desk. Bet that’s still up in my parents loft. I’d forgotten about it til I saw that picture. Hope you get it!

  6. I love the vintage phone – I’ve been looking at it in Gepetto’s and wondering if the girls would even know what it was?

  7. I’m pretty crazy obsessed too. The detail on the vintage Fisher Price toys is awesome. They are so much cuter and better made than the current ones. I scored a huge bundle of Little People with a school, a house, a bus, a wind-up carousel and all sorts of Little People and accessories off of Craigslist last year for $50 last year (that school, bus, and fire truck were in our stash). I was so excited and my daughter had a little toddler heart attack when we set them all up like a town in the living room so that she saw them first thing the next morning. I suppose we could have waited till her birthday or Christmas but they were too awesome to wait. I also have that Chime Ball from a garage sale and a few other random things. I really want the record player! I think that’s next on my wishlist. I found a site a while ago that lists all the vintage Fisher Price toys and it was too much for me to take. There are way more amazing things out there than we even realize. Good luck on eBay! Definitely check Craiglist daily. That’s what I did for a long time and then my day finally came. I hope you find some treasures!

  8. I looove old fisher price. I got the a-frame house for a steal earlier this year and have hidden it away for Christmas (other than when I pull it out to play with it myself….). It is amazing how well these toys are made and how they have held up! I like buying them because I feel that although I am giving them to my first child they will last for years, and more children, to come. I had much better luck on eBay than on etsy with getting a good deal. Good luck to you!

  9. I found the chime ball today for $3 (that’s how I came here…doing a google search on it). It’s a bit scuffed but otherwise pretty good. The only thing you’d have to be mindful of is that the Fisher Price vintage Little People are not a safe size. I think it even mentions it on their website somewhere. I think a couple of kids died from choking on them over the last few years. They probably weren’t as safety conscious back then! But I’m a doll/toy collector, so even if I found them, I’d buy them as a collector item, not just something for my son to play with. I love the family house.

    1. good to know! thank you! Gigi has stopped putting stuff in her mouth, but it’s crazy how you QUICKlY forget they do it for so long! and so automatically! but i basically forget most things…haha.

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