The great Turkey T round-up

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Cole and Hawk via @heathmild, Larkin via Katie, Ethan via Mia, Finn and Sylas via @shaunaboyack, Josie via @mgfaulkner

Each and every time a reader makes one of my crafts I am tickled beyond belief. It is the most flattering thing in the world to me that someone likes my idea enough to do it for themselves. So I was SUPER stoked to receive so many pictures of amazing Turkey T’s in action! And turkey butts! Is there anything cuter? I will admit, I made that pair on Josie above. But I just wanna squeeze that tush.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Bria via Courtney, the cutest Dehner kids and a cuzzy via Katie, 3 T’s ready for t-day via @pclan , Bria and Gigi in 2011.

The picture Katie Dehner sent in of the kids on the couch, you know the one where they look super stoked, just kills ME! The idea of trying to wrangle the three kids in their Turkey T’s makes me SO HAPPY. I keep looking at it and giggling. Because that is SO how it goes. Which is why you truly need to make things for your enjoyment and not just for the picture! Especially with kids. They’ll ruin your dreams every time. Haha.

Thank you so much to all of you who sent me pictures. And even to those of you who didn’t! I’m so thankful for the love that you show me on my silly blog. I’m thankful for creativity, love, and sequins. I’m so blessed in so many ways, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I hope you know how much I appreciate you being a part of this community and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And if you’re not in the U.S. I hope you feel all sort of tingly warm feelings shooting at your from Utah. WATCH OUT!

I love you all.

Keep it crafty, keep it sassy,

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