The Craft Pack Bloggy Book Tour

The Craft Pack, you know that group project (business) we started is going on a bloggy book tour with our book: A Hip Handmade Holiday.

One thing we wanted to promote with our book is that our crafts are very customizable. You can use our ideas and patterns to make things your own. We filmed 10 videos with 10 AMAZING bloggers to do just that.

We gave each blogger a sneak-peek of the book, and then asked them to choose a craft to try. The bloggers then got to have a crazy craft day and film a video with Susan and me! It was so much fun. I only wish I would have been able to craft more, but Susan and I were filming most of the day. Oh the life!

This week some of our bloggers posted their videos with their versions of our crafts from A Hip Handmade Holiday, and also shared some thoughts about handmade gifts. Here’s a list of the lovely ladies who posted this week!

Liz Bryson of Cotton & Curls: made the most ADORABLE version of our Mr. & Mrs. Ho Ho Ho pillows, complete with faux fur trim and pom poms

EZ of Creature Comforts: this classy lady used our Happy Holiday blocks to make a custom set for her new nephew Aiden

Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely: added tons of sass to our Nutcracker Bowling League with rick-rack and non-traditional colors

Natalie Holbrook of Nat the Fat Rat: this not-so-crafty diva added some New York flair to our Bare Necessities tin by keeping the contents compact and simple

Emily of Small Fry Blog: made a version of our Book with POP! with pictures of her adorable little boys

For me the most thrilling thing in the world is when people use my ideas to make something they are excited about. It’s the whole reason I do what I do. And on that note! I hope if you ever make one of my crafts you share it with me! I get so giddy!

I love you all! Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Jessica R.

    Okay, loving the book, but could you Puuuhlease branch out to promote with more non-LDS bloggers, pleeeeease? I think you would gain a lot of credibility. Maybe I’m wrong, but there just seems to be such a little Mormon girls blogging click, and I’d love to see you all be more inclusive!

    1. Hey Jessica. Well I live in Provo UT, so a lot of bloggers I see regularly, work with and network with are Mormon. I’d move, but well this is where i live. We had to keep the videos mostly local because of budget, But we flew in Nicole balch, EZ, and Jennifer from a merry mishap. All non-Mormons. We didn’t have the budget to fly more people in, I’m sorry. Also we are working with Erin lochner, Michael wurm jr., bluebird vintage and countless other non-mormon bloggers to promote the book. Maybe these aren’t blogs you read? We’ve sent emails to dozens and dozens of bloggers offering to work with them, the only preference being if their readers seem to like DIYs. It’s true, being LDS we asked friends to help us out, and we live in Utah so there you have it. If you have any suggestions of people you’d like to see us reach out to that would be great. We firmly believe the more the merrier. Obviously it benefits us to be inclusive, and that was always our intention with the book. We in no way intend to form any sort of clique. I think what you’re probably seeing is due to location more than anything else. I was raised in California and yes, Utah is a unique place because there are lots of Mormons. But even people we worked with in UT are not all Mormon. If you have any other questions about our marketing methods please let me know.

  2. It was so fun to meet you and see the projects in person at The Bell Room. I was ready to bust a move and join you on the dance floor… shame that didn’t happen! Anyway, thanks for coming over and introducing yourself and making me feel welcome. I hope that the book is a smashing success! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Aimee! It was such a treat to meet you! thanks for leaving your nice comment!

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