I’m a Pinterest Party Pooper

I know, I know, bloggers just LOVE Pinterest. It’s almost blashphemy to say I’m not obsessed with it. And don’t get me wrong, I THINK IT’S GENIUS. Brilliant. But, I’ve been kind of a Pinterest party pooper. Let me tell you why.

1. I like using Pinterest as a place to bookmark things I want, ideas I like etc. But I don’t really love just browsing around on Pinterest. I usually just get frustrated that what I want is either too expensive or the back links take your to nowhere land.

I feel like browsing Pinterest is the online equivalent to shopping at Marshalls. Sure, you can find AMAZING things, but you have to mentally prepare for battle. You have to be willing to sort through crap, dig like a graveyard worker, and be prepared to come out of there a week later, unshaven, starving, and not sure of your last name. I just feel like it’s a lot to commit to.

2. It has changed the way blog traffic works. This is a really good thing, and then again, a misleading thing. A blog can get a lot of traffic from ONE pin, but it may not be a true representation of what really draws READERS to your blog. Or even a great representation of your blog. But I guess the say there’s no such thing as bad press? I’m not convinced.

3. I TWITCH when people say, “I got this idea on Pinterest.” I know I’m being such a nerd, but the thing is PINTEREST HAS NO IDEAS. There’s a hardworking blogger, or writer, or Martha Stewart minion somewhere out there who put their heart and soul into that idea! It’s not Ben from Pinterest’s idea. I guess I just respect creative property so much that it just bugs me a little. But I totally get on the flip side it’s helping people find that creative content that would have never otherwise seen it. So that’s good. Yet at the same time, I don’t think I’ve ever made a connection with someone who I found through Pinterest. It creates this disconnect. But maybe you found my blog through Pinterest, so it’s just me?!

As you can see I’ve given some thought on the matter.

But, I’ve decided, love it or hate it Pinterest is a valuable tool. And if I’m going to use it at all, well, I want it to represent me and what I love. So I spent an obscene amount of time the other night going through my boards. I deleted faulty links, reorganized my content, and made my titles and labels easier to understand. And maybe just maybe, I’ll come to love it.

Either way, if you want to check out my boards or follow me you can do so here!

And here are some of the boards I’ve been working on.

You know I love to party. And I really want my Party Ideas board to be a good time. So I’ve been working on that.

I have a thing for loud shoes. Well, I have a thing for LOUD. Then I realized I’ve been wearing the same pair of boring shoes almost everyday for the past 2 years. Then I realized Ginger is 2. She has ruined me!

Bed time is sexy time! I am on the HUNT for new bedding. I finally found some I loved at West Elm. I’ve been waiting so long to buy it because I wanted to make sure I really wanted it (and because I have no money). But now the shams are sold out! Now I can’t decide whether or not I care enough to have matching shams. MY LIFE IS SO HARD. Ok, it’s not. But thoughts?

And so there you have it. A post in which I denounce Pinterest, and at the same time invite you to follow me on it. What can I say, IT’S ALWAYS CRAZY ON THE ALISON SHOW!



  1. Word! I’m totally guilty of saying “I got this idea from pinterest”. But duh, that’s so not true!

    Also, what do you thing about blogs who do nothing but roundup stuff from pinterest as a way of generating pinterest traffic?

    1. Well it’s a simple thing, just mentioning you saw an idea on pinterest, nothing to be ashamed of! Told you I’m just being an old lady!

      But I don’t hate when other bloggers share pins they love, but as you can see on my blog I don’t do a TON of round ups because it’s not totally my type of content. Then again, I LOVE round ups and use them often for different things. LIke just yesterday when I was shopping for bedding I referenced this guide from Design Love Fest http://www.designlovefest.com/2012/10/the-time-has-come/ it was super useful to me because there were some brands I had forgotten about that I really like. So I guess i Just view stuff that like is another way to disseminate information. Yeah?

  2. I TOTALLY feel you on this one!! I think the mechanism of Pinterest just kind of makes it hard I guess for people who use it to really investigate the work they are pinning and then it’s too easy to click and pin, click and pin.
    Anyway–LOVE Pinterest, totally feel the same way you do about it but like you I am using it and looking at it as a another means to share projects, etc.

    Your boards look amazing!! I will make sure (if I am not already) that I am following you!


    1. I think you’re 100% right! I refer to them as “aspirational crafters” they want to do projects, but would much rather PIN. And I don’t think that’s bad, just like social media isn’t bad, as long as the real is intermixed with the virtual!

  3. Oh Alison, you spoke to my creative content loving heart with this post. Whenever I see a well-circulated pin without a back-link or a generic “google” link my heart hurts. You may be interested in the Link with Love movement (http://linkwithlove.typepad.com/).

    It’s all about educating internet surfers and “pinners” on respecting intellectual and creative property online.

    Love your blog and the craft pack!


    1. I love that! I’ve seen it but not really looked into it. Thanks so much!

  4. OMG. My thoughts exactly. I almost hate it. HATE! Lately I walk into homes and want to vomit at the pinterest-ness of it all. I guess I just want people to have their own ideas and think Pinterest is for lazy peeps. You know, all those ideas have been there. You just had to Google and bookmark them. It was SO MUCH work. 🙂

    On a happier note, I just found you though Hip Handmade Holiday with I found through Small Fry. I bought the book and can’t wait to get my craft on! Stay sassy… 🙂

    1. Welcome to the blog!!! So glad you like the book! Ha, and on that note right now our top traffic source for book sales is Pinterest! love/hate!

  5. I completely agree with your comment on people giving pinterest credit. I’ve even seen people give photo credits to pinterest. It makes me so mad!

    1. If that Ben from Pinterest wasn’t just the sweetest thing in the world I’d blame him! hahaha

  6. Totally feel you on this post. I’m almost always a pinterest defender when people hate on it, but I agree with you on all of these points. I use it for bookmarking content specifically so I can credit the right people if I want to post about it later. I also find browsing generally annoying. I’ve found a few great curators to follow, though.

    1. yes! some people are like pinning artists! Things will be better if their search engine is ever accurate!

  7. I’m so with you on this. 2 years ago I would just browse Pinterest, I found it was different then. Now I just use it as a tack board of sorts, so I don’t forget where I saw a great table or banner so I can go back to it – or I source for my kids b-day parties or room makeovers. I found you through your Alt class! and now I will follow you on Pinterest because I’m liking what I see 😉

    1. Haha! See so much more of a personal connection right? thanks so much!

  8. So smart – Pinterest has no ideas! I am an avid Pinner and adore Pinterest, but you are so right.

    Just say no to matching shams.

    1. That’s it! THE BEDDING IS MINE!!!

  9. Emily

    I hear ya sister. While I have my fair share of pins, a vast majority of them are food. I LOVE using recipes that a real person has blogged about and tried. It’s so much better than a random cookbook recipe. I totally agree and I’m 100% guilty of “I saw this on Pinterest” but I try to find the source before I pin, and I also have a “tried it” board, so people can see what recipes I’ve tried and liked. I suppose I should start a blog or something, but before I do that I’ll have to take some of your classes because dang it, I’m way less tech-savvy than I think!

    1. Yes! I totally agree! But with Pinterest it’s hard to know what people have tried so I love your idea of a tried it board! Less effort than a blog!

  10. Just wanted to let you know that I did find your blog through Pinterest, and now visit often!

    1. See! that’s what I want to hear! Well I hope you continue to come back!! What pin was it do you remember?

  11. I love Pinterest because it’s so much quicker doing searches on there for decor ideas, etc than on Google BUT I totally hate when people say they got ideas from Pinterest! I’ve discussed it with my hubby at length because everyone says that. It’s like saying “I got this story from Google” instead of crediting the actual news source. Drives me insane! There are people/work/blogs behind those pins, they’re not an entity unto themselves. I’m glad it drives someone else crazy too! I’m a new reader over from Small Fry too. Glad to find your blog!

  12. I agree! I never browse on Pinterest. Occasionally I search (like if I’m looking for a specific paint color) but even then thats maybe once a month. With that said, its an invaluable tool. I love the visual archiving capabilities.

  13. P.S. I wanted to get that same West Elm duvet for my new bed, but decided kids plus a white duvet equals disaster, so I found another I like off of easy. Personally I’m not into having everything match and especially with that duvet, you have so many options for shams. The duvet is essentially a neutral. If I were you, I’d find some other shams, but still get the duvet.

    1. So I ended up finding the shams on sale in West Elm, even though they were back ordered online! I’m not really a matchy person either but I’m going to add some really bold accents I think, plus yellow lamps…haha so I was trying to keep it cohesive. I hate doing my bedroom though! I always change my mind!

  14. etsy, not easy. gosh.

  15. I believe it was the balloon tassel DIY, which was wonderful by the way! Jazzed up my bridal shower!

  16. Good points. I think Pinterest can offer value to this social media filled world of ours, but like everything else, you do have to be thoughtful in how you use it. I think it is important to be questioning and critical of it, so we therefore don’t mindlessly use it. Basically I am saying, you rock for starting a conversation about being thoughtful about how we engage in Pinterest.

    1. Thanks so much!!

  17. Michelle

    What happened to the Pinterest that put you on a waiting list and held so much promise for inspiration? I was enthusiastic about that Pinterest. I couldn’t get enough of it when I first joined. Pinning anything from color inspirations to home remedies. Now I barely think about that site because the content doesn’t speak to me anymore.
    I get really annoyed when, like you said, the link takes you to “nowhere land” (e.g., Google Search engine or a Typepad blog that never credits the original source).
    Performing a search on Pinterest does feel like “shopping at Marshalls” – love this comparison . Typically the results direct to spam or an unsafe site.
    On a more positive note, I have in fact found new blogs to follow through Pinterest. This can be hit or miss. When it’s a hit, it can be magical.
    I think Pinterest should be used responsibly. I do in fact follow the links back to the original source. If the link doesn’t go to the original source, I do not repin. I do not pin something unless the site provides a “pin it” button. This is my personal method out of respect for the creator of the content and being aware of the Terms of Service and Copyright.
    Great topic for discussion.

    1. You’re right! I totally forgot how exclusive it was! Thanks for your great insight!

  18. You are DARLING! I love your blog, your style, and well the fact that you are not afraid to be YOU! I just wanted to stop by and tell you that. I read your blog all the time. I may not comment as often as I should but I adore you! and PS congrats on the new bun in the oven, I am SUPER jealous!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you left a comment, as I love them with all my heart! And thanks for the congrats!! xoxox

  19. Oh my goodness! Such a great conversation you started Alison. I do the whole Pinterest thing as we all do but I have to say I use Evernote much more to ‘pin’ inspiration and then do a proper post with direct links from that. Ironically that then gets pinned but I guess at least I have linked properly so here’s hoping the pinners from that get back to the original source through there! Like everything there is great and not so great side to Pinterest – it’s kind of like a donut – tastes amazing but not so good for the hips. Thanks for a great post!

  20. i am the same way. love/hate pinterest. love to see photos for inspiration, but hate it in the way when i make something people automatically assume i just “copied it off of pinterest.” so when i am in the creative mood, i have to stay away from it all so that my ideas truly are my own. on that note, i have seen a lot of similiar ideas. great minds do think alike!

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