My Bing Review

If you will recall, on Monday I shared that I would be using Bing all week instead of my regular search engine. Well the results are in and here are my thoughts!

1. I like Bing as much as I like peroxide. Meaning…I really like it! Could I live without it? Possibly. Do I want to? No.

2. For obscure craft supplies Bing generates more accurate info. This is probably the most random piece of feedback ever, but it’s what I use my search engine for! Here’s an example: I was watching a news special on pumpkin carving this week. The pumpkin expert quickly mentioned a type of tracing paper that I was not familiar with. I wasn’t 100% sure what he had said, so I used both search engines to look for it. I used the term “Seral transfer paper.” The product is actually Saral Transfer paper.

BING: Corrected my spelling and offered immediate links to sources to buy the transfer paper. They also provided a row of pictures of the product so I could immediately visualize what to look for in the store had I been in a store. I often search for supplies while I’m in a craft store! Don’t you?

GOOGLE: Corrected my spelling but first offered links to the corporation. There were no pictures.

See, both got the job done, but Bing was more intuitive. (I can’t wait to try the paper! I’ll keep you posted.)

3. For specific questions on technical issues Bing was not as accurate. This week I searched the phrase, “How to find my all-time top content in my analytics.” I ended up using both search engines because Bing did not generate the answer I was looking for.

4. The Bing Maps services are so amazingly rad, you must try them. Example: This week I was headed to a large new mall in Salt Lake City, City Creek Center. I had an Anthropologie gift card and so I only wanted to go to that store. The mall is SO HUGE I had no idea where to park. Later I checked out the Bing maps and discovered you can get the lay-out of the mall easily and quickly. Perhaps other search engine maps provide this service, but it’s not something easily accessible because I’ve never found it. Their maps pages have lots of other features that are easy to understand and usable. And I don’t even like maps.

Overall what I learned most from this experience is you have options when it comes to searching! When you search a phrase and don’t get the results you want, there is another option other than changing your search phrase, you can try a different search engine! Why this thought had never occurred to me, well, that’s actually no surprise, I’m not super logical. But it’s something I know now and I’m actually pretty excited about it! I will keep my default browser as Bing, hopping back to other search engines if I don’t get what I want. Because I always get what I want…

Thanks for indulging my experiment! Did any of you take the Bing challenge? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of animal pattern sweaters and dreams.



  1. Did you decide to take the challenge based off of the Bing ads that run non-stop on If not, how did you even find out about the challenge? How long has Bing been your default?

    Is Bing paying you? 😉
    Love your sugar cookies.

  2. I thought the post sounded like a paid advertisement, buuuuuuuutttttt I may take a personal search engine challenge myself as I am an avid Goog-ler and have not liked Bing in the past. I may try them out to see what type of changes have been made since I last used them.

    1. Well I did mention in my first post that I WAS being compensated by Bing, AKA paid, but I have been told my entire life I sound like a paid advertisement, which could be why I went into advertising copywriting! But I swear, all content is 100% my own 🙂 And Bing really didn’t tell me to be positive or negative. In fact some of the other bloggers didn’t have super nice things to say. But maybe I’m just a satisfied customer.

  3. Thanks for responding Allison!

  4. I work at Microsoft and this post made me really happy. Bing is sort of rad. I really had no idea until I started working here, but I am a firm believer after doing a side by side compare. By the way, your blog is super cute (I just found you through Natalie’s blog, hooray) and I loooooove your bangs.

    1. Thanks so much! Welcome to the party! You Bing folk are seriously THE BEST. Maybe I should crash the office Christmas party…

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