Bing it On Blogger Challenge

I’m doing it. I’m changing to Bing. I’ve “googled” for so long, it’s really just a habit. But deep down I have absolutely no loyalty to google. No reason to give them all of my searching needs. While on the other hand, I’ve personally met multiple Bing employees and they are some of the coolest people ever. And still, I didn’t bother to try Bing for my queries, just because, well, google was already in place.

So when Bing straight up asked me if I would change my search engine default on my computer and phone for one week from google to bing, I thought to myself, “Well of course I will, why the BING wouldn’t I?” Or something like that.

So for this week, and probably many more, all of my search queries will sing in the key of BING. For me, the Bing bell will ring, and while they attempt to my vote to swing, I ask each of you, will you not accept the challenge to Bing?

I think I mostly said yes because I love saying, “BING!” And because it’s so easy to find words to rhyme with it. But in all seriousness, you should totally take the BING IT ON challenge, if only because it’s fun and pretty sassy.

Full disclosure, I am totally being compensated, but to give you my honest and true opinion. As I think you can probably tell from my impromptu rap…bing has provided me with no content.

I will be using Bing all week and then reporting back to you on Friday to let you know what I think about it. The good, the bad, the bingy.

Have you used Bing? Do you ever think about your search engine? It’s kind of crazy how a search engine really does affect your life. Think of all the things you search for, and then the buying, baking, making and reading decisions you base on those search results. It’s blowing my mind.

This should be a good week, and not just because of the Bing project, but because it should be more relaxed, now that I’ve hosted the big sneak peek at our digital book, A Hip Handmade Holiday, I should be able to converse with my family again and answer my phone. Or at least listen to my messages. I also want to make some pies! Fall is a time for pies, is it not?!

Ok, I hope you are on the brink of a wonderful week as well.



  1. Lauren

    Yay! Pumpkin Chiffon!!! I vote you for the BING commercials. I’ve watched too much of these on HULU and I can’t stand it any longer. Or I could stop watching HULU…Probably not.

  2. This inspires me to ring-a-ding-bing.

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