Family Pictures by Heather Zweig

Well what can I say, it pays to be friends with insanely talented people. Right?! A few weeks ago my friend Heather Zweig was in town to shoot our photos for #ourtopsecretproject. She used to live next door to me, and I curse the day she moved so often! Anyway, what kind of friend would I be without taking advantage of her skills for my own personal gain? So, without further ado here are some of our family pictures.

heather zweig photography
Oh wait, I was going to show you some FAMILY pictures. So hard to keep these things straight. Here you go.

heather zweig photography
heather zweig photography
heather zweig photography
Oh don’t mind me, that’s just the wind in my hair.

The real Gigi.
heather zweig photography
heather zweig photography
heather zweig photography

And this is the one (below) I want to frame all huge. I love how tiny we are and that it’s a family picture, but also just a breathtaking picture. How amazing is Heather!? That steeple in the distance is actually the church building we attend on Sundays.
heather zweig photography

And I know it’s hard, but don’t go falling in love with my man!

heather zweig photography

I’m so incredibly thankful to Heather for her insane talent! I love these pictures so much! I also love my family. Especially my husband for putting up with such an insane wife. On a today like today, (September 11th) I really am grateful to celebrate the people I have in my life.

heather zweig photography

Hooray for self-indulgent pictures!



  1. Amazing Allison! I love them all. (I especially love the one with wind in your hair–just gorgeous.)

    1. Thank you sweet girl! It’s hard not to feel like a rock star with the wind blowing!

  2. This is a little weird, since I don’t know you in real life. But you are SO pretty! And Gigi’s coat! My goodness!

    1. In my opinion a nice compliment is NEVER WEIRD! Hahaha so thank you so much! But she really is A TALENTED photographer! xo and gigi’s coat is from gap! i think it might even be on sale right now!

  3. So beautiful! THAT LADY!!!! She is very talented, and you guys are so nice to look at. I love how the apple grove pictures are like your orange grove pictures from your wedding, plus Gigi of course!!!

    1. I love that you thought of that! That’s what I thought too!

  4. naomi

    Man, Heather has skills. Alison, I love the photo of you with your hair in the wind. Cover Girl, man. cover girl.

  5. Lovely! We’re getting family photos done next week and I’m looking for inspiration. You have to tell me- are those fake lashes or are you blessed with crazy thick lashes? Because I’m thinking I need to go out and get some fake lashes for the photos!

  6. Alison. I am a bad blog friend. When you switched over, I couldn’t figure out how to subscribe to the new blog. But I thought, “It’s OK because I love Alison so much I won’t forget to check her blog, EVER.” And then, I did. Of course. So it’s been ages since I’ve read you, but I still LOVE you. You look great. Congratulations on the upcoming baby boy!

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