San Diego Beach Vacay

Hello! As you may have noticed, the last week and a half I’ve been a little quiet, and that’s because we’ve been in San Diego with my family! My youngest brother Blake just returned home from his 2-year LDS mission in Chile. We celebrated together and enjoyed having all 5 kids back together by staying at a beach house in St. Malo in Oceanside.

The vacation was fantastic, but even more phenomenal was the tumultuous stomach flu that we passed around all week! I was hit first on Saturday night. I had run 10 miles that morning and it was really hot, so I was convinced it was either dehydration or food poisoning. I have a stomach of STEEL and it takes a lot to get me hurling. It couldn’t possibly be a measly flu! The whole family was together and thought the same (fools) so we didn’t take too many precautions.

Imagine how dismayed we all were when my mom woke up 48 hours later hurling as well. Later that day my husband Eric, my brother Evan, and my Dad were all hit. At least Blake, who had just spent the last two years serving in Chile wasn’t hit…until 24 hours later. Then BOOM! It was honestly like the plague. People moaning on bathroom floors and calling for ice chips around every bend. All I have to say is EW, and my jeans fit GREAT.

Here’s most of the family (sans spouses/babies). I stole this picture from the fabulous Summer Nicole Photo (she is an amazing photographer in San Diego!). This was after my night of stomach-pyrotechnics, see how close I am to everyone? Sorry.

This is my second oldest brother Evan (missing from above) and my niece Beverly! She is the cutest thing ever. Eric is holding Gigi, all the nieces had matching dresses for church. When Blake left he wasn’t even an uncle, then he came home to three new nieces!

Later in the week we were able to spend some time all together at the beach (not hurling) and I decided to make a little video. It was so fun seeing my brother Blake, he is such a doll. And just as exciting was getting Gigi and Jojo back together! It was their first time together since my sister tore her away from me in April.

And because this video is different than all of my other ones (I’m not teaching you anything!) let’s do an activity shall we? See if you can spot the following:

– Babes on bikes
– A hot lifeguard
– Brief Nudity
– Finger wagging
– Mild PDA
– Babies in bathing suits
– Product placement (totally unpaid, as always!)
– 3 day unwashed bangs

How’s that for something fun to do on your Monday?!

Tomorrow I leave for New York for Alt Summit! But I can’t think about that because I just got home. Mah!



  1. seriously? As if you weren’t already cool enough- now you get to hang out in San Diego?

    Dude. Totally unfair.

    And Alt Summit New York? Your life is like a parade of things that I dream about. Including the running of 10 miles, but minus the stomach flu.

    So glad you’re living it well and sharing it. I’m happy for you. Really and sincerely. Hugs and kisses.

    1. You’re so sweet! I promise I’m really not that cool, haha, but a San Diego tan really does wonders for the soul! I forgot what it was like!

  2. OHHHHH. You have THAT DRESS from Anthro! I love that dress. I’ve been coveting that dress.

    Sorry to hear about the flu! I hope it didn’t ruin your vacation too much!


    1. IT’s on sale now! I bought it full price (like a sucker, more than I EVER spend)! but they refunded me the difference! I heart ANTHRO!

  3. Been stalking your bloggo since I took your Illustrator course and I must say I’m just a smidge jelly of your SD trip. Love that city so much! Enjoy:-) And yes – the dress is fab.

  4. one year at christmas our family stayed in a cabin at lake arrowhead and all 25 of us got the stomach flu. it was like playing mafia because every morning we wondered who was going down next…

  5. What a bunch of good-lookin’ people!

  6. is that G. Love I hear in the background?! :-[) Cute video Alison. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the love Allison! Oh, man…the whole family huh? So sorry! You sure didn’t look like a gal with the stomach flu…not fair.

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