The Dream of the 90’s is Alive in Fashion

I’d like to refer you to my first post of 2012, in which I predicted what will “Rock your World in 2012.” 90’s TV shows was #4, and as my much-more-stylish friends predicted 2 years ago, 90’s fashion is back, and so hot right now.

Faux fur mini backpack
// Leather mini backpack // 90’s Flannel // Floral Dr. Martins // 90’s lipstick color // Floral A-line dress

I would like to declare here and now, that I, Alison Faulkner Robertson, being of sound mind and body do hereby FULLY support the 90’s trend.

PHEW I feel so much better having gotten that off my chest. And with that said, you can certainly be expecting some 90’s inspired tutorials to be doing the Urkel your way very soon.

A good rule of thumb for the 90’s trend? If Cher or Dionne wore it, you should too. So mini backpacks? YES, strap them on. Lot’s of plaid on plaid? Yup, that’s golden. Oh! How about sunflowers, well, maybe Cher didn’t wear them, but I sure as hell did in the 90’s so I think those are good too. Not to mention the ever popular scent “Sunflower” by Clinique. Who still has some?

I’ve mentioned this before, but I give away EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything. But for some reason, I have saved ALL of my Dr. Martins from high school. I’ve never been more thrilled about a hoarding decision in my life! I have the black ankle boots and I also have some black and white mary janes. I loved those shoes SO MUCH. Mostly because this boy (two years my senior) I was in love with had matching black and white docs–not the mary janes but the lace-up kind. Sometimes we’d wear them on the same day and he’d be like, “Oh hey, look, cool.” And I would act like I hadn’t been planning the coincidence for weeks. High school Alison was very intimidated by boys. College Alison would have slayed him so hard.

Anyway. I’m sure I love the trend so much because of all the nostalgia, which of course dates me. But I don’t care! I LOVE THE 90’S! And I will ride this 90’s style, fashion, trend wave for as long as I can.

I hope you’ll do the same.

Keep it crafty, keep it sassy.



  1. yan

    girl we are so in harmony, i totally predicted this mentally, though i don’t have proof as convincing as yours. i did already purchase my floral laura ashley dress however. the dream of the 90’s is alive in me.

    1. I could sense that in you the other night.

  2. The 90s were the best. Like, so so the best.

    When I went to Stockholm in June all of the girls were rocking cutoffs over black nylons and tons of crocheted lace.

    Way more than Clueless, my 90s guiding light is My So-Called Life.

    You’d make a good Rayanne Graff.

    1. Yes! Rayanne is the darker grungier side of the 90’s and I would totally like to be in touch with that as well. Especially with the experimental hair and lipstick. We can’t all be as svelte as Angela.

  3. i’d like to thank the gap for guaranteeing that fashion has not and will not dramatically change since 1994.

    1. a little consistency is great in life, right?!

  4. yes! My little sister (who is a million times more stylish than me because she’s single and doesn’t have kids) has this awesome primary-colored shirt that looks so 90’s. I want to steal it. If the 90’s are in, I’m all about it!

  5. Having just watched My So-Called Life for the first time, I am SO ready for this. I already live in grunge central (Portland, OR). And since this seems to be the place for confessions, I’m going to admit that I still have the pair of 20-eye Doc Martens that I got in high school but only had the guts to wear a few times. Maybe this time around I’ll actually wear them out of the house!

    1. MUHAHAHA I love that “this is a place for confessions!” Girl, you wear those taaaaaaallll boots and you send me a picture when you do! I can’t wait to see them on you!

  6. courtni hawkes

    Oh I got you girl! I totally remember the b/w mary janes. TOTALLY. And the boy. Sunflower? Definitely. Remember the room lex + I shared? sunflower EVERYTHING? Those were the days. This is my Alison.

  7. amy

    I knew Angela Chase and Clarissa Darling were my fashion icons for a reason! I need a shapeless floral maxi dress, like, STAT.

  8. katy

    oh girl. best post ever!! can you do a regular series of 90s stuff?!

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