Crafty Reader: Fancy Pants Birthday Party

You have NO idea how giddy this makes me. My girl Anne recently shared pictures of the party she threw for her adorable one-year-old Belle, and guess what?! She used a bunch of my tutorials! As if my ego wasn’t big enough! She was sweet enough to let me share some of her pictures with you.

one year old party ideas

These are the tutorials Anne used from my little blog:





Anne turned my “You are a gem” printable into a banner. I died of cleverness. And how gorgeous is Anne?! And little Belle? Be sure to go to her blog to check out the full party here.

The only way I even found out about this party is because Anne signed up for my first Illustrator for Bloggers class. The class was a DISASTER. My Internet connection was spotty so people had to endure all sorts of technical difficulties. It was frustrating for everyone and I pretty much wanted to die. After 40 minutes of sweating, swearing and suffering (and 20+ hours of preparation on my part) they canceled and rescheduled the class. I was in tears and just so embarrassed. A few hours and a few Diet Dr. Pepper’s later, I checked my email and Anne had sent me the sweetest email with a link to her little Belle’s party.

I can’t tell you how touched I was. It’s hard for me to convey how happy creating these dumb little crafts makes me. I enjoy creating them through-and-through, and I also enjoy sharing them. It’s a way I show love and my talents.

Growing up and in college I was always a bit of a misfit talent-wise. I was artistic, but not  a fine artist. I could design, but I wasn’t a phenomenal graphic designer. I could write creatively, but I wasn’t the top-dog in my ad-writing classes. It basically describes me in a nutshell. I’ve always felt I’m not normal enough to be normal but not quite weird/cool/hip enough to be weird/cool/hip.

Enter blogging. It combines everything I can do, and helps me focus on doing it all better. So, when someone like Anne sends me an email saying she loves what I spend so much time (for no pay mind you…) doing, and that it helped make a special memory for her and her family well, that’s pretty much the best thing ever to me.

So, thanks for reading. Thanks for crafting, and thanks for being awesome. Because if you’ve read this far, well, you’re awesome.




  1. Jessica

    Your crafting and joy reaches people far beyond what you can imagine. You don’t know who sits at home, stalking your blog, feeling empowered to make something for their family. You’re awesome.

  2. Well, you’re just the cutest! That gem banner is to die for. I love your tutorials and am so glad you’ve found the thing that makes you YOU! You’re fantastic. You are part of what drew me to Alt so keep it up, girl! I wish I could have taken your illustrator class. I hear it was amazeballs!

    1. I’ll be teaching it again on aug 7 or 9th or something like that! you are the best! xo

  3. You totally inspire me. The end.

    1. well bless your heart! xo

  4. Courtney Dalley

    Weep! I can’t believe your online class was a disaster. But you should know that everyday I check my email, my facebook, then the alison show. Seriously…you are a gem!

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