Tiny Tank top Sewing Tutorial & Pattern

free tank top sewing tutorial and pattern baby kid

It’s been a while since I busted out the old machine and did some sewing! But Eric and I had a baby shower to attend, his old friend is the drummer of a popular rock band, haha, and I just HAD to make a little something for her soon-to-be rock star baby.

I bought a whole bunch of amazing knit fabric in the LA fabric district a while back, and it’s perfectly lightweight for a summer tank top. It’s so funny, I bought that fabric for $2 a yard, and I’ve seen it in use at Nordstrom and Forever 21. I’M ON TO YOU RETAIL WORLD. You could also easily make this baby tank top from one of your old shirts, check out my Tiny T Tutorial for tips on knit fabric.

First I made the little tank, and then I freezer paper stenciled the song lyrics onto the front of the shirt. Here’s the break down.

free tank top sewing tutorial and pattern baby kid

Tiny Tank top sewing tutorial

Download my free pattern here! It includes the “I WON’T SLEEP TONIGHT” print. Which, come on, is perfect for a baby. So if you wanted I guess you could just freezer paper this to a store-bought onesie!

I made this one size, it’s probably like a 3 month size. But you can easily size the tank up by adding 1 inch to the sides, top and bottom.

1. Cut out two of the tank pieces, wrong sides together
2. Pin the two pieces together RIGHT sides together, sew the side seams and the tops of the tank with a 3/8″ seam
3. Iron your seams open, and then *hem your shirt

*QUICK AND DIRTY METHOD= Roll the bottom of your shirt up, as pictured, 1/2 inches, press in place, then hem your shirt, sewing a row of stitches a little less then 1/2″ from the bottom. (I think it’s easier to turn the shirt right side up so you can see the line you’re stitching on the front of the shirt.) Sew another line 1/4″ under your top row of stitches.  This will make a double row of stitches. So quick, so dirty.

4. Finish the collar. Roll the collar under to the wrong side 1/4″, press in place and sew in place by sewing close to the edge. You could roll the collar under twice for a more finished edge, but that’s just prissy. And if you’re prissy go ahead and repeat this step on the arm holes. I didn’t because I’m a bad-A messy seamstress (lazy). Plus it’s a knit fabric, it’s not going to fray people. And it’s for a baby. They will wear it twice, max!

free tank top sewing tutorial and pattern baby kid

5. Check out my other freezer paper tutorial here! But as a reminder: Tape down my “I WON’T SLEEP TONIGHT” print on a cutting mat. Then tape some freezer paper, shiny side down, on top of the print. Using a razor blade cut out the letters, make sure to save the insides of the “o’s” and “p”. Place some scrap paper inside the tank top, and then iron down the stencil. Use fabric paint and get crazy. To get white to pop on dark fabric you need 3 coats. Peel off the freezer paper and you’re ready to party!

free tank top sewing tutorial and pattern baby kid

Pair this sucker with a some Freshly Picked moccs and you’ll be the most popular girl (or boy) at the party.

free tank top sewing tutorial and pattern baby kid

I need to make Gigi one now! If I size up the pattern for her I’ll be sure to share it with you!

Happy crafting suckers! I love you all!


  1. awesomeface…..so many babies happening around me these days…great idea!

  2. Elaine! Love this idea girl!

  3. Megan

    Please, please do one gigi’s size. Because then it will be brita’s size. And then I won’t have to use my brain (that doesn’t actually work) to figure out the sizing. Ok, thanks!

    PS love this. And you.

    1. haha ok ok I will!

  4. I don’t really want to make this for someone small, I want it for myself. Cool tutorial. I think even I could use a sewing machine to do this. 🙂 Also, I heard about your Illustrator class too late. Hope you teach another one.

  5. luz

    Man, I need to go take a fabric shopping trip to LA. Seriously! That fabric is cute. Love the tank!

  6. Neon Trees drummer?? That song is stuck in my head now, haha!

    1. you got it!

  7. Fran

    Thanks so much for the free tank top pattern! I sewing pants and shirts for my grandaughter. I have made 3 pair of shorts, one denim with appliques from the stripey pattern I made another pair seh. orts I made. The 3rd pair of shorts is grey jersey with more stripey appliques. I plan on making one jersey top with more stripey appliques, a denim tank top with stripey appliques and one shirt that has a stripey bodice and denim “skirt”. I will have to put a buttonhole closure at the neck, or use a different pattern, for the woven non-stretch fabric.

  8. Hello! I love the fact you have an icon explaining the “level” of sewing for this project! I’ve never sewn anything in my life and it looks like this could be my first project!

  9. danelle

    you are soo cool , going to make one for my bebe! CANNOT WAIT!! thanks for sharing your awesome stuff!

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