Mom Bag essentials

what to pack in a purse for a mom diaper bag

There’s a point in your mom life when you no longer need a full-on diaper bag. You wake up one day and you realize, “I don’t need to tote around 10lbs worth of diaper rash cream, toys, bottles, and 4 tiny outfits.” Your baby stops pooping SO MUCH, and they begin to turn into a little friend. And that’s when you need to transfer to the “mom bag.”

The “mom bag” doesn’t have to be a giant purse, though, mine ALWAYS is, because, what can I say, my mother was always asking me, “Shall we find a nice bag for that?” And I found a nice big one.

Another one of my favorite mothers, a woman to look up to and try to emulate, is Heather of The Coterie. Heather is SO GOOD at keeping things smart and simple. I am sooo bad at keeping things simple. I always feel like I need to do elaborate involved activities that take time and money. For example, I made Ginger fourth-of-July suspenders that she refused to wear. Cute, yes. Necessary? No. Heather meanwhile had her 3-year-old all hopped up for the holiday by teaching him the pledge of allegiance and having him practice with a mini flag. HE LOVED IT!

Anyway. That’s why you can trust her when it comes to what you need for your mom bag. And because Gigi was napping and Heather’s boys are ANGELS, we made a video. Heather has some great things I wouldn’t have thought of! Like a lightweight scarf you can use if you get chilly or you need to wipe up a spill! So check it out!

And because you haven’t seen nearly enough of her lately, here’s the lady who makes me a mom. My Gigi.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. okay, ginger is adorable!also, great video i love both your purses. also, did you know that jo-ann has an app that replaces the paper coupons? it is the best thing, it keeps track of them all and tells you which ones you are eligible for that day.

    1. BUT GIRL! Did you know you can use your phone app coups, your paper coups, AND you can get a text message with periodic coupons and use them ALL in the same transaction? eh, eh???

  2. whaaat? ha! i had no idea. you are a pro!

    1. Haha just crazy. also if they don’t rip out or mark up your coupon it still works for next time ALSO same goes for the ones on your phone. you can use them multiple times. I feel like a crazy couponer, but I swear it’s just for craft stores. haha xo

  3. Sarah

    Okay, I love you guys. AND MISS YOU GUYS! You’re such a funny pair. I just realized a month or two ago that Violet is now officially past needing that full-on diaper bag—so liberating!! I need a better bag that still has lots of pockets, though, because although I love my purse, everything’s a gigantic jumble inside and I spend approximately seventy hours a day hunting through it for my keys. Anyway, good ideas, Heather. And my favorite part of the video is definitely when Hawk floats in front of the camera. Ha ha ha.

    1. hahah! yes! andrea calls it her “pouch system” so she can find everything in a pouch in her giant bag! we miss you too! and hawk is FOR SURE the best part of just about anything!

  4. eleanor potter

    You GOT IT, lady! You hit the nail on the head with the diaper bag post. Love the picture of your top essentials and love the pictures of your cute-cute-cute little girl. I can tell she’s the light of your life. (rightfully so!)

    1. i’m obsessed with you and your comments! xo

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