illustrator 101- last chance

Hey! It’s your LAST CHANCE to sign up for my online class! It’s only $15. And you’ll get all of my slides, notes as well as videos to help you remember how to do things!


Please note, THIS CLASS IS ONLINE! Haha, I can’t make it any clearer, but people keep saying, “Oh wish I was in Provo!” But the thing is, the Internet is EVERYWHERE! I’m working really hard on the class! So I think you’re gonna learn a lot! Here’s my class description:

Dying to learn how to give mood boards, tutorials and round-ups a look that is uniquely yours? Illustrator is just the thing! In this class I will cover the basic tools and functions that are perfect for perking up your posts. This class is intended for beginners to advanced beginners. I will teach you how to: use clipping masks, create vector images, edit your art board, import new typefaces, align your images, use transparencies and give a brief overview of the dreaded pen tool. I will also make myself available at the end of the class to address any, “How do I make ______ look like _____?” questions you may have. I will also share my personal tips for using Illustrator to help better brand your blog.

Learn more about it here!

Hope to see you tomorrow night!



  1. maaaan… i actually really want to do this (my indesign and PS skills are sharp but illustrator is quite… non-existent) but i can’t do it tomorrow. hopefully you’ll offer it again?

    1. I hopefully will be teaching the class again next month! so stay tuned love!

  2. I paid for this class, but I’m not quite sure how to participate in it…I haven’t received anything via email. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. If i sign up for the class but i am not going to be home tonight
    to watch the video will i be able to access it tomorrow? I would really love to take the class please let me know if this is possible thanks!

    1. Hey! It’s a live feed, but hopefully another class will be available soon!

  4. Lindsay

    Hi, I have the same question as Nancy. Registration is paid for, but I don’t know how to participate.

    1. Hey! You should have received an email telling you that youre registered, and today an hour before the class you will receive a reminder email with the pass code to enter the class and a link to it! If you think you haven’t received anything yet you should email Sara Urquhart – or Josh Stanley – or both! and they will get you set up!

  5. Denise Gonda (dahlquist)

    Alison, I am an occasional blog stalker (via Jessica Dahlquist). I always get a kick out of all you are doing and how creative and amazing you are, oh, and how DARLING your little daughter is! Love, Denise

  6. I just have to say THANK YOU for such an awesome class! You were so prepared and professional and filled in SO many gaps for me when it comes to using Illustrator.

    The bad news is that neither child has been bathed today as I am glued to my computer trying out new tricks. meh.

  7. Eva

    Alison I thoroughly enjoyed your class and am doing your SEO class tomorrow too.
    I have been tinkering with Illustrator and one thing I can’t figure out is how to fill with a colour like you do in Photoshop. I know to suck the colour up, but then now sure how to transfer that colour to a shape or text.
    Thanks again, my site looks 1000% better with my new knowledge.

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