what to wear when you’re feeling fat- go glam

I know, I know, “fat” is not a feeling. Nevertheless, some days it is a huge drag getting dressed. But until we can agree upon nudity as a solution, every Friday I’ll share tips from ladies who really know how to strut their stuff.

Today the beautiful Meg, of Meg In Progress shares her thoughts. You’re in for a treat. Meg is as beautiful a writer as she is person, and she’s funny to boot.

“Our Grandmothers in their quaint day dresses and red lipstick knew what they were doing. They understood that the everyday was lacking in glamour. They accepted the politically incorrect fact that even the most confident of women have feeling-oh-so-fat days. And they knew that a circle skirt and natural waist forgive all manner of sins.

So I do what my grandmother taught me. I pull my head out of the bag of starburst (I really should stop buying those) and go pick out my favorite vintage dress. Something that hugs where it should and floats atop everything else. Saddle shoes? Sure, why not. Lipstick? Red, please. And then because it is just so decadent, a burst of sparkle. Something that only a fool would wear with tennis shoes. I look in the mirror and my, heavens there I am. And I am looking pretty damn good! Suddenly, the day is new. I turn off the TV and bundle the kids into the stroller. We are going to the park. While the girls chatter, the hem of my dress moves against my legs. I feel womanly and glamorous. And then, for just a moment, between our driveway and the swings, I feel like the Grace Kelly of the suburbs.

And Grace Kelly was NOT fat.”


Wow, I mean, don’t you want to be Meg?! But I think she is so right! When you’re feeling down it’s totally the time to GLAM IT UP! And I can attest that Meg seriously looks like this EVERY DAY (she lives across the street). Thank you so much Meg for your awesomeness, and be sure to check out her awesome blog! This post is a fave.

I love you all! To check out more of this series go here!





  1. This is how I dress everyday too… in my dream life.

  2. Fabulous! If I could find a glam vintage dress that fit “my girls” I’d be all over it. Im almost certain those ladies were all a size 0, like seriously missing a rib or two. Or perhaps they just didn’t do the drive through on the daily, drown their woes in carbonation or eat candy for breakfast. Wait, am I the only one? The hor-rah…

  3. Very cute, love that dress!

  4. Julie

    I’ve been waiting on another post on this topic. Gorgeous and why not??

  5. Random to Alison: Love to catch your show, your blog, your blog-show, your blog-share, whatever is next. You make it look like you were born to shine (which might actually be true); but even if so, you have plowed a ton of energy, imagination, confidence and coolie labor (sorry for blatant political incorrectness) into your internet presence and now your TV personality, and it shows. You are always “sassy,” which reflects a heck of a lot of behind-the-scenes drive and discipline. Kudos, super-star.

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