What to Wear When You’re Feeling Fat Part 1

Do you ever feel fat? NO?! Me either.

Just kidding. The other day I was walking around in pants that were too tight, paired with a top I kept readjusting, and I was miserable. I couldn’t stop giving myself dirty looks and there was no controlling my scathing inner-dialogue. Finally I stopped and said out loud, “Either shut-up or go change your damn clothes.” Well, excuse me. “Ok…” I responded to myself. I then went and found a new outfit and felt much better the rest of the day.

That seems SO simple right? But sometimes when we’re feeling fat, whether we’re getting our periods (cough cough) or because we had a wild weekend at the bakery, or just because we are in general too hard on ourselves, it’s impossible to find anything to wear. That’s why I find it helpful to have a few no-brainers that I can throw on to make myself feel a bit better. And some weeks that means I wear the same thing over and over and over. And who cares?! It’s not like were in high school and the mean girls are going to make fun of you or call you smelly.

So for the next few Fridays I’m going to share with you my thoughts on What to Wear When You’re Feeling Fat.

But I’d like to throw this out there, you’re probably not fat. So notice how I say FEELING fat. Keep in mind it’s a feeling, not a state of being. And if you do need to lose a few pounds these tips will help you get dressed in the meantime. I’m not at my thinnest right now, but I’m kind of busy focusing on other things, so I’ve decided to get over it. I’m not a fitness blog. I’m a feel-good-about-yourself-and-be-sassy & crafty blog. So let’s get sassy.

forever 21 chambray // gap chambray // urban outfitters chambray

A chambray is my favorite thing to put on when I’m feeling portly!

A chambray easy to layer, and it looks cute with skirts, lots of styles of pants, or worn over a dress. With high-waisted pants and dresses I leave the last buttons undone and tie mine up around my waist. Yes, like I’m Ally McBeal. I have the one from Urban Outfitters and I love it.

I also recommend a chambray to new moms! They are easy to nurse in, and conceal your huge rack quite nicely. As you can see, I wear mine all the time!


Do you have a chambray? In my opinion it’s a very affordable must-have.

I’m excited to share this What to Wear When You’re Feeling Fat series with you! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

And remember, you’re beautiful.




  1. I’m shopping for chambray now! I’m going to need these postpartum concealing powers in just 7 weeks, hip hip hooray!

    1. Alison Faulkner

      Almost there!!! You can do it! xo

  2. Just bought a chambray (at Old Navy) last weekend and I plan on wearing it to death over the next couple of months. It will be perfect for covering up the muffin top that my adorably too tight colored jeans create.

    Couldn’t they just invent the non-muffin-top-creator jeans? And while we’re at it, someone please invent the non-gappy-at-the-boobies shirt!

    I’m totes excited about the “What to Wear When You’re Feeling Fat” series because even thought I know I’m not fat (I’ll keep telling myself that daily), some days you just don’t feel SKINNY!

    You’re my favorite.

    1. Alison Faulkner

      You’re not fat! 🙂 And I love you’re non-gappy booby shirt idea! haha. I kind of take the stance that maybe I’m making some 13-year-olds day by letting that gap fly free…does that make me a perv? I think it officially might. Shhh. don’t tell?! thanks for the love! xo

  3. Megan

    Adorable! And I’m reading this while scarfing cookies. Time to pull out the chambray for sure!

  4. Liz V.

    I am a firm believer that “fat” is not a feeling at all. It’s a horrible adjective that we use to describe ourselves and others ALL too often. So I’m a full supporter of the notion that if you’re “feeling fat” (ugh, i hate typing that), that you’re right, you should take Alison’s wise advice and ALWAYS change your damn clothes. Into something that helps you feel as amazing as you are. Or go around naked for that matter. We should all be celebrating our bodies and not hating on them.

    This comment was brought to you by the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on therapists and dietitans. 🙂

    1. Alison Faulkner

      GIRL YOU KNOW YOU ROCK. in all aspects of life. You and Cjane were totally on the same page about this. Youre good people. I wish we could be more naked, right?! But in that non-creepy way!

  5. What? No comments? I’m the first? What is this.

    Now I just feel kind of stalkerish for leaving this comment at all because I’ve literally commented, pinned and tweeted at you in the past two days. I swear I’m not obsessed with you or anything. Ok, fine I am. A little bit. Stop being so darn cool and I’ll leave you alone. Ok?

    Anyway, I love this post. I need a chambray badly. And a cupcake. Maybe in the reverse order. Or does it matter? Either way, I respect this post. Thank you!!!

    1. Alison Faulkner

      Oh my gosh! You know that I ADORE comments, and I love them in abundance. And I always think it’s funny when people use the term “stalking” because I mean, I’m putting this info out there of my own free will, obviously with the hopes that people will like it and that it will illicit some sort of response! And I’m obsessed with you too 🙂 I hope you had a cupcake, or a doughnut, or both. I had two…

  6. awwwwww. you’re beautiful too! Love chambray and you rock it. =)

    1. Alison Faulkner

      haha thank you! and your workspace is looking FAB! xo

  7. tiffany

    love this segment! last night it took twenty minutes and two people to get me into my favorite jeans i refuse to accept are too small. i need to get a grip and roll with the chambray. being a woman can be brutal with the constant pressure to look a certain way. i really love your message about loving yourself. basically i love everything you do!!

  8. Erin Dougal

    Sooo… I have been thinking about this series/post for awhile because unfortunately, I “feel fat” a lot. Also, unfortunately, I have a very short torso which means I have yet to find a button up shirt (not from the old lady petite’s section) that fits where my boobs are on my body. It just doesn’t work. The darts end up somewhere in the middle between my rack and my belly button. The illusion of saggy boobs does NOT help with the “not feeling fat” goal. SO, I scouted out some chambray-esque material and made myself a square top from cotton and curls tutorial. I didn’t know if I would love it, but I DO. It goes with practically everything! And it is slimming. So thank you for this post, even though a normal chambray shirt didn’t work on me, it inspired me to work with my body and the style and create something I feel good in.

    1. you are amazing! i want to see your shirt!

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