Have a Very Hoppy Easter!

If that isn’t the cutest picture you’ve ever seen. I’m not sure what is!

Having a kid has changed Easter a ton! Egg Hunts are the new dance party (so many to attend, so little time!) and Easter crafts and baskets are beyond fun. Ginger is obsessed with bunnies, or, “HOP!” as she calls them. And she followed this one around until Eric peeled her off of him.

I’ve also had so much fun prepping Gigi’s Easter Basket!
The doll is from the crazy talented Annie, of AnnilyGreen. I traded her one of my Mer Hunks for her! We are going to call her Jojo (after Gigi’s cuzzy of course!) because she has sweet little pig tails. And the most gorgeous gold Freshly Picked Moccs!

I also TOTALLY invited myself to a craft party hosted by this beautiful woman, so that I could make this surprise ball!
It’s filled with tons of lovely little treats, and topped with a sticker designed by Mer Mag! They are a free download and SO CUTE so hit that up!
Also I stole one extra of these gorgeous little “hops” from Sarah Jane! They are a FREE download as well, so you can put one in your basket too!

In other news…

I’ve written my first contribution for Square Native and I think you’ll like it!

You still have time to make these last minute Easter Crafts.

And check out this video I did for some Easter Downloads!

Plus, my neighbor wrote nice things about me. And she is amazing. 

Oh, and I still miss my sister like crazy, but I was so touched with all of the love and support and sweet words you shared. Thank you so much for reading my silly blog. It means the world to me. 

Have a wonderful weekend that’s both crafty and sassy!


  1. Corca

    Ging is the cutest easter girl ever! I can hear her repeat "Hop" to the bunny. Miss you guys! xoxo

    1. Alison Faulkner

      Thank you! WE miss you too!

  2. The Brooks Family

    that is seriously the cutest picture of you and Gigi.

  3. Sarah Wilks

    SUCH a cute photo of your kissy-faces! My little Dot has just started trying to kiss, but unfortunately, she keeps her mouth open – WAY open – and if we took a picture it would look like she was eating my lips…ah well. One day we'll get it so I'm not covered in drool! Happy Easter to you and yours! x

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