Craft School: Felt 101

Hey friends! I’d like to welcome you to my first session of Craft School!

Today we will be talking about FELT! You know how much I love felt. If I had a bodice, it would make me quiver in it.

Anyway, I get a lot of questions about felt and when it is appropriate to use the different kinds. So I’ve gone ahead and broken it down for you.

In my video I mention 3 main types of felt.

100% acrylic made from recycled plastic bottles. The color will not fade, but it pills and ruins your nice scissors.VERY cheap. I get this at the craft store. And by craft store you know I mean Joann.

This felt is a mix of real wool felt and synthetic. You can buy it in limited colors by the yard at the craft store. OR I really like the selection this seller offers:

Giant Dwarf on Etsy

This felt rocks my socks off. Once you’ve used it you’ll have a hard time going back. But it does run a pretty penny. It hardly pills and feels like butter. Plus the colors are brilliant. Here are my two favorite sources.

Felt on the Fly on Etsy
Fabulous customer service. If you’re going to purchase felt often I reccomend purchasing a sample card for colors.

Weir Crafts 
They are having a pretty good sale currently. Also they are fabulous humans. They will refund any extra shipping they may charge.

Here are some differences in pictures.

Well I hope this was helpful for you! If you’re looking for some fun projects with felt may I suggest any of my DIY mobile patterns? Or my little bunnies? And don’t worry, I have lots more coming up!

Keep it crafty, keep it sassy,



  1. We Three Zweigs

    I can't handle how much of a superstar you are becoming!!!

  2. Jess

    Hey girl – this is Jess (Dana's sis in law) – I love your blog and I'm fiiiinallly leaving a comment… you should check out for wool felt – TONS of colors and awesome prices. See you at the next Bijou?

  3. adrienne

    I love the concept of Craft School! Sub-brands! Also, when I hear your little "keep it crafty" tagline, in my head I immediately rewrite it to Janet Jackson's "Nasty." ("My first name ain't baby. It's Alison, Miss Faulkner if you're crafty")

  4. Danielle

    I just learned so much! Love you Ali!

  5. Tiffany

    alison! you are rockstar! love your blog. adorable and informative.

  6. irene

    My sister-in-law has actually MADE felt from knitting wool and shrinking it. It's pretty amazing and something you would probably be into. Extremely time consuming but imagine the possibilities!!

  7. Hi, I'm Andrea.

    I agree with Sis Zweig. Superstar!

  8. Loving your fun videos!

    Also, if you are in a pinch for wool blend felt in just about every color, there is a great place up north in Roy Utah called sweet lavender. I have bought felt there for years! And they have loads of cute fabrics!

    1. Thank you!!! I love it!

  9. Danielle Copeland

    Hey there Alison,
    loved your video, and wanted to ask for some advice on a project. A friend and I are attempting to make a “bookworm scarecrow” for her child’s class. Yes, you heard me right. We are trying to make a scarecrow that looks like a bookworm. For the body we are trying to paint some burlap green, but it is NOT going well. Do you think we could make the body out of Acrylic Felt? Please Reply soon <3 Your wisdom would be MUCH appreciated.
    -A Crafty Noob.

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