Polymer Clay Round-up

HEY, HEY HEY! I’m excited to announce that I am a new DIY Contributor for the fabulous site, Dotcoms for Moms. It’s a perfect fit because I’m really into DIYs, dot.coms…and I’M A MOM! I know, it’s all too perfect.

Dotcoms for Moms offers fabulously curated lists, round-ups, and ideas for *hot moms (that’s my wording, not theirs…but I mean, aren’t we all HOT moms?) from some of the web’s cream of the crop. I’m still not sure why they asked me…but I’m not saying no!

For my first DIY round-up I focused on my new medium of choice. Polymer clay!
Check out all of my favorite DIY Polymer Clay Projects here!

BONUS REVIEW: Go here for my Easy Polymer Clay earrings, and here for The Fang!

There are some real gems there, so I hope you enjoy my picks! And if you guys have anything you’re trying to find some good DIY ideas for, let me know! And I’ll see what I can do for you.

Have a great one!


  1. meg

    You have an empire. I love it.

  2. courtney dalley

    To the question of any DIY ideas, I would love to learn how to make cute shoe clips!

  3. Courtney Snowden

    Zip it for the awesomeness of all your polymer clay goodness! You are such a supa sta! Congratulations and why in hades wouldn't they pick you??? Silly girl…

  4. Michelle

    I seriously love that gem necklace..
    it seems you found you're newest "thing"!! love it!!

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