Wanna’ Hang Out?


Um, like, do you wanna’ hang out? I mean, I totally understand if you want to keep our relationship at a distance. But let me just say I swear I’m not as crazy in person as you might think. Or at least I promise to hide it as best I can for our first few encounters!

So, if you’re near Utah County let’s totally get together! When? How about next Wednesday night!? You’ll get 20% off one item at Soel Botique and I, and tons other people, will be giving away really good stuff. It kind of sounds like I’m now paying you to hang out with me. But it’s going to be fun. Check it out!
meet 'n greet big ad

Look at all those fun people! Come and make merry with us! Hope to see you there.



  1. We Three Zweigs

    What! Strongly considering getting on a flight.

  2. JohannaK

    Heh, I would love to hang out! But I live in this far away coutry called Finland 😉 You are awesome! This world needs a litte bit grazy and colorful persons 😉 hugs!

  3. meg

    I am meeting Amy there! Had no idea you were such a hot hot hot sponsor. But. Let's face it. I should have known.

  4. Punky J

    Aww man. This would be so doppity dope dope. But I live in California. That's quite the commute. Hey, I'm Jen by the way. You're COOL. I like your blog a lot.

  5. Nicole Rene

    Awww if only I lived in Utah!!! I would so be there! Have a fabulous time! 🙂

  6. Elle Keeps Moving

    i was just about to write and see if you were going! i am 75/25…it's a long drive, you know? but if you promise to wear those pants or the mammaform then it would jump up to at least 90/10.

  7. B Tolman

    i wish i wish i wish…..

  8. carla thorup

    Sounds pretty sweet … I may just clear my Wednesday night to see the Alison cray cray in person! Those pants are still so great.

  9. mgfaulkner

    How am I missing this?

  10. {jane}

    you are the cutest. xo.

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