Valentine’s Treats 2012


Well I had wanted to show you ALL my family V-day pictures, but I’m still waiting on them. So this sneak peek will have to suffice.

I’m so spoiled to have two unbelievably talented neighbors who are photographers. So I bribed both of them to take some pictures! You know I loved practicing for the paparazzi.

Alison resolution 400
This shot if from the beautiful Katrina B Photography! She’s new in town and looking for love, so let’s give it to her!

And my other favorite human, Heather Mildenstein is always fab and totally indulges me.

I really wanted to send Valentine’s to each and every one of you. But the budget just won’t allow it. So I hope this will hold you over until I make my millions (someday?).
And this year, instead of sugar cookies I tried shortbread. I dipped it in dark chocolate and it turned out pretty YUM! It’s quick too so if you need a last minute treat skip the dark choclate and maybe dye the dough pink! It will be just as good! Here’s the recipe I used!

Well happy day. I hope you have lots and lots of love. But most importantly I hope you realize how beautiful you are. Because damn girl, you lookin good.



  1. .caroline armelle.

    love it!
    those pants!! killer!

    happy valentine's day!!

  2. JohannaK

    Oh, lovely! I love your blog!! <3 Happy Valentine´s´day!!

  3. Melissa Bothwell-Inglis

    oh ma gosh! You guys are toooo much – and I applaud your family for being such good sports to get in on the matching 'steer' look! Hilarious and sweet all at once… happy lovers day.
    needle and nest

  4. Heather

    I KNOW! I'm so sorry! They'll get to you ASAP! Forgive me? xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxooxox

  5. Kelly Westover

    Too cute!!! Love the matching Long horns.


  6. meg

    A bright spot in the day. I heart you, you little Faulkner, you.

  7. carla thorup

    For heifer?!! That's brilliant. And so are your valentines! And your matching outfits!

  8. Cherie

    Wow! I knew you were talented, I just didn't realize how deep that talent ran. Love the blog, love the pics, love the pants, love it all! Keep it coming girl.

  9. You Are My Fave

    I've looked at this a couple times today and every time I laugh so hard awesome blossom coming out of my nose. I didn't really eat awesome blossom today.

  10. Edward Quist

    Two big thumbs up! Amazing pics! Go Robertson's 😉 (Yeah, I know I'm a guy and shouldn't comment)Whatever

  11. We Three Zweigs

    These are so adorable! Well done Katrina and Heather!

  12. Courtney Snowden

    You're pretty much palazzo-ing the hell outta them pants guuurl!

  13. Jess

    I just found your blog and I absolutely loooove your Valentine…so cheeky!!

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