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Hello there! I had the most amazing weekend at Alt Summit. I was so hesitant about going, but with some prodding from my girl Elle, and a lot of help from my sister-friend Susan, it turned out to be an unforgettable weekend.

I could go on and on about all the details, or the super awesome people I met (and I’m sure I will at some point). But I thought I’d share with you what I believed to be my most important take-away: be yourself.

Looking to increase your readership? Or for new ideas and ways to collaborate? Easy! Be yourself. Aspiring to be a trend-setter, TV star or game changer? You guessed it lovers, be yourself.

Now, I really did learn a lot of great new facts about photography, video blogging, and how to look my best on camera. But the ever-echoing message in my very congested head was, “ONLY YOU CAN BE YOU.”

I think as bloggers, artists, writers, workers, mothers and lovers, it’s easy to look around at the success of others, and get lost. I know that as I try to improve, emulate and make sacrifices in order to reach my goals I need to be careful not to forget who I really am and what actually makes me happy.

So, what makes me happy? Sharing love, sharing my ideas, and looking like an dork.

At least I’m really good at one of those things.

I’m excited for the new sense of purpose and direction I have, and I hope that you, beloved reader, benefit from it!


p.s. a HUGE thank you to the sassy classy Natalie for naming me one of Alt’s up-and-coming bloggers! Let’s hope I can make her proud


  1. Kristin

    Ack! I love those photos and I love your message. Keep on nerding it up!

  2. Rebecca - A Daily Something

    Ha, great photos!! Glad I just recently found your blog and can be following along since you're an up and coming blogger and all 😉 CONGRATS!

  3. mer

    i love this Alison. you go girl!

  4. Jenna

    Love the redesign. And the photos. You look like Lady Gaga as a Christmas tree. Speaking of which …

  5. Hogger and Co.

    So cute; love these photos!
    Saw Natalie's blog and found you.
    I would love to get to Alt next year!

  6. hanner

    the tinsel cape is uber-classy. i predict it'll be huge in 2012!

  7. Anna M

    I am hear to loudly say AMEN!

    Loved meeting you and hanging around your momiformed-self. Freelance copywriters of the world unite!

  8. Elle Keeps Moving

    gurl, you know you got it right. we are on the same wave length! (want you in that coat at my house on wed.)

  9. Alycia (Crowley Party)

    Great pictures! 🙂 I would love to attend next year! Looks like it was such a blast!

  10. Star haus

    Yes! I love the new design too!

  11. Kelli Anderson

    so exciting!!! i'm totally jealous, i have to go next year!

  12. Michelle

    up and coming? haven't you already arrived!? 😀
    I am lovin your blog.. i can count on it to be fresh and just yourself ! Someday.. never… when I go to alt summit, let's hang out 😉

  13. ashmae

    everything is just getting really exciting around here. can't wait to see what is coming!

  14. Becca

    alison, i think i need to hear the words "be yourself" more often. it's hard not to get caught up with so many people posting cool stuff and wondering if i'm good enough. i'm taking this blog post to heart. thanks!

  15. monster cakes

    I just found your blog and I love that this is the first post I read! So great, and definitely a new follower.

    ps. My besties are preggers, so I can't wait to buy some of your patterns and get sewing me some bunnies and owls for their little ones! Love your shop!

  16. We Three Zweigs

    Your blog has always been very Alison and I think that's why it's been the best on the block since it's premiere post. You're amazing and I can't wait to see what The Alison Show has in store!

  17. jen

    I got the same take home message, loved it + love you. of COURSE your blog is up + coming!!

  18. Type-A(shley)

    Love an adorable nerd! Your blog is precious. Can't wait to read more.

  19. Nicole Rene

    This was some good advice! I know I definitely get caught up a lot in the success of others when I should just focus on myself & what I can do to better myself personally! Great message… & yes yes yes on the nerdiness. I love being a dork. ALL THE TIME. When people AREN'T saying to me frequently you are a dork or a goofball then I realize I am not doing something right…


  20. flexMD

    i love you and your "be yourself" ways. just sayin. today andrea and i were talking about how wonderful you are. Hope you know it.xo.

  21. Tara Celeste

    I found you through Alt's list of up & coming blogs – congrats on being included! Looking forward to following along…

  22. Mary Hone

    Found your blog from the Mimi+Meg site. Love what I found. And hey, I live in Utah county too. Small world.

  23. elsa bags

    Love this! I'm going to write this on my bathroom mirror next to my other daily affirmations "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doddonit people like me"

  24. {amy k.}

    just came across your blog for the first time and really love this post! looks like i'll be back! 🙂

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