DIY Studded Collar Necklace


Hey fun fans! So it’s time for another video tutorial! And I’m WAY excited about this one. I’ve been wanting to get into the whole Peter Pan collar thing for a while. But I’m so hard core, I of course, had to add studs. I’ve posted WAY too many pictures of myself to show you how easy this necklace is to wear. I tried it on with like every shirt in my wardrobe and I was surprised how many it went with.

Download the pattern piece here!
Buy your studs here!
*correction, in the video I say you can get them at any craft store, but they actually can be hard to find. So I’ve provided a link to the exact type I used 

And here’s the video!

I hope you enjoy it. I got a little out of control with the sass. Sorry.


Also I know the question on everyone’s mind is…BUT CAN YOU WEAR IT WITH THE MOMIFORM??

momcollar2 momcollar1
When will you learn? You can wear EVERYTHING with the momiform!



P.S. Want even MORE studded bliss? Check out my girl Emily’s Studded Loafer tut!


  1. Danielle

    Alison, you are fabulous.

    1. candy

      how can i download pattern for necklace

      May 1, 2012   |   Reply
  2. Chelsea and Ben

    such a great idea!!!! so cute!

  3. Heather

    That video was FANTASTIC! Xxoo

  4. lisset

    Oh Alison. I. just. love. you. BAM. There's that.

  5. Kari

    darling!! i just posted about this trend over on ClothedMuch!

  6. mandy dominici

    That video was like my rejuvenating trips to Provo. I am going to go buy some studs now.

  7. Jenna

    I feel like you should be a regular cast member on SNL. Seriously girl.

  8. We Three Zweigs


  9. Robeson Family.

    i LOVE this!

  10. Jordan P

    OMG those pictures in the momiform need to be in Vogue now! Such a natural

  11. Alison

    haha! you guys are the greatest. I cannot WAIT to see your necklaces!

  12. The Brooks Family

    Love it! I think I might have to make me a one.

  13. meg

    I love the logo. Love.

  14. Roxy

    will be making this collar this weekend.

  15. Amanda

    Even if I decide to not make a necklace it's fun to watch your videos so I can see your spazziness. Love it. Love you.

  16. Monica and Whitney


    Ask the Duplex

  17. Kindsay and Erik

    Alison, you look good on video. I love all of your crafts. So creative and fun!

  18. jacquelynnicole

    I love how versatile it is! Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Sara

    This is such a great idea!

  20. Sarah Larsen

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLISON!! I have some pink suede sleeve cuffs that looked barf on my thrifted dress, so I thought I'd totally make a colar necklace. We were on the same wave length! Yours is the bomb though, and so is pretty much everything you do. One of my very favorite parts of Alt is hanging out with you. You are one of a kind in the very best way.

  21. Caitlin C.

    Oh my goodness, this is perfect. Must make one. Love!!

  22. elsa bags

    Good, very good!!!!

  23. natalie holbrook


  24. xena

    thanks for the pattern! the collar looks awesome, gonna try it out tonight

    You’ve cleared my questions I’ve been questioning myself for ages !
    I’ve made a lotta collar necklaces and the size didn’t come out right ,
    now I’ve got the idea ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS: the way you talk reminds me of the amanda show (in a good way โ™ฅโ™ฅ

    May 4, 2012   |   Reply
  26. Blabla

    Love the necklace but I can’t seem to download the pattern.. it says: “Sorry, the file you requested is not available.”


  27. hi! allison i would like to ask, were can i get the peter pan collar necklace pattern? answer me back pls…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. hey! sorry the hosting site for my pattern is down, I’ll email it to you! xo

  28. Kadee

    Hey Alison, you are extremely creative and provide “1-2-3” helpful steps! You have now inspired me to try and make one ๐Ÿ˜€ However, the download link for the pattern is down ๐Ÿ™ Can you email it to me please? Thanks!

  29. emily

    Can you email me the pattern too plz thank just subsribe to use youtube acconut love it.

  30. lynda

    sorry, buti’d like to ask what were the mm for the studs ?
    love the idea !

    1. Christen

      My exact question!

  31. alison your pattern for the peterpan necklace is not available…can you email it to me? can you pls send it to this email: fullcast777?pls allison… keep me attached. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Stargaze

    Hey, I love this tutorial, could you please email me the pattern? Thank you so much!

  33. gaby rustia

    same here please send me the pattern thanks a bunch love your creativity!!

  34. EJ

    Hello there. I’m from the philippines. Can You send me the pattern of your Collar? Thankyou! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. thank you alison:) your so incredible!!!!love much..

  36. Sandy

    Hey Alison, love the collar. The link to download the pattern does not work. Can you email me the pattern? Thanks!!

  37. Dora

    Hey Alison, I really love the necklace! Can you please tell me how big your studs are?
    Thank you!!:)


    hi alison!! i cant download the pattern!!! i want it too!! thanks a lot!!

  39. Danica

    Hi i was wondering, where did you get the bead set/box from?

    1. Danica

      Never mind i just saw the link to the studs!

  40. Bolags

    Please can u email the patter for the necklace please…… u rilly did a gud job


  41. melissa

    is it ok if u use other colrs of felt besides b/w and if u use a bedazzler

  42. Cristina

    I would really like to know more about the suppliers for the jewellery you made! Thx

  43. azalee

    You are so amazing. and thank you for giving me these ideas! My wallet and my fall wardrobe really appreciate it !

    1. You’re so welcome! thank you!

  44. Vass

    You are amazing ๐Ÿ˜€ where can I buy materials ? Is there any online website except ebay? I want to buy chains, studs, spikes, crystals etc

    1. Thank you! There is a link in the post to! they are great.

  45. saray

    What’s the size of the studs your using?

    1. the link in the post takes you to the size I used, I believe it’s 1/2″!

  46. Sandra Abernathy

    Hi Alison love the collar. The link to downlaod the pattern does not work could you please email it to me thanks!!

    1. hey the link should be working now! sorry!

  47. Melissa

    I’m 13 and its kinda big but also i dont have studs yet should i just leave it black or should i use a sparkly puffy paint i got a while back or what should i do?

  48. naiv

    its so lovely!!! i tried to download the pattern but page couldnt been found ๐Ÿ™

    1. Hey! It should be working now! sorry!

  49. melissa

    thank you so much for this tutorial ! I was actually looking for this kind of accessories and when i saw it … I was amazed ! ( it thanks to “missglamorazzi” Idiscover your wonderfull website ) !

    1. so happy to have you! thank you so much!!

  50. I loved the idea of the necklace fine if not too much to ask the employer can send me to my e mail thanks

  51. Noemi

    Were can I find the box with the studs.. ?? did u find them together or did u buy the studs separately??
    Ur amazing nd ur work is beautiful…
    Please help with the box nd studs thanks!!
    Much Love nd wish u the best.
    Thanks in advance.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Apryll

    Hi, nice blog. Where can I get a copy of the pattern of the collar? Thankyou. Please post more tutorials. They are helpful. And beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Lovely <3
    Your blog? bookmarked! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thank you so much!

  54. Kaye

    Need pattern for Peter Pan collar please . I wish to make some thank you k

  55. joyce

    Hey! Nice video, but where dit you buy the studss? Can you mail it to me? : , thanks! xx joyce!

    1. it’s in the post!

  56. Jen

    Is the pattern site still down? I need this pattern!! So cute.


    1. it’s working!

  57. this is very well made, and true so versatile!! and the studs just make my day!!
    I also made my own collar necklace, please have a look at:

  58. Yolanda Reed

    where did you find the studs at?

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