What will rock your world in 2012

I haven’t really made a big deal about 2012. In fact, I spent the first half of it on the couch in a daze. I think it was a post holiday slump. But I’ve gotten up, gone for some runs, participated in some Zumba, and now I’m ready to face the year. Or at least the month of January.

But rather than looking back, I have some predictions for what’s going to be hot in 2012. Um, and I’m gonna’ say most of them are things I’ve thought were hot in 2011. I CAN’T HELP HOW FORWARD THINKING I AM! So here we go…


1. Alison on the tiny screen

In 2012 I’m going to be focusing on more videos, and moving my site from more of a blog to a vlog. If you hate this idea I’m sorry. Sorry that you aren’t ready to party with me and my fur (faux…geez) coat!

2. Fifth & Hazel 
OBSESSED with my new desk calendar from @fifthandhazel. So much so I might even clear some space for it on my desk...
How freaking cute is this desk calendar? You might remember Fifth & Hazel’s awesome wrapping paper too? I mean, Melanie has been hot for a while now. She’s a pretty big deal. But her blog and shop are really picking up, and I feel like 2012 is going to catapult her into another galaxy! I’m having her redesign my site! And I highly recommend her for all design projects. I can’t wait to reveal it to you. 

3. Tiny Plastic Animals
First watch this (if you haven’t already) so you can understand why this title is genius. 

4. 90’s TV shows

Spike, Jordan, Max. I love you. You’ve shown me why housewives need love soaps. And if you people don’t know who these men are, well here’s a memo: They want to rock you 2012 style.

5. Lame Dance Moves

I have been BUSTING THESE OUT FOR YEARS. But Robyn comes along and now it’s like all the rage. Seriously you guys, I think she’s been spying on me, these were all my moves! My sister and high school friends can vouch for me. Plus I own those pants.

6. Pie
Pony* pie. *made with real ponies
You know how cupcakes were hot. Then cake pops, then donuts? Or, they were for me at least. Well, I’m going to single handedly (unless you’ll help) put the sexy back in pie. I have some pie projects planned. The one pictured above is a Pony Pie. Not my finest crust, but I used only the freshest ponies. Neeeeigh.

7. Crafts involving wood
Remember how I made these magnets from old wood blocks? I’ve been obsessed with up-cycling wood lately, and I’ve seen some other awesome projects. Check out this little stacking puzzle from Mer-Mag, and this sexy cutting board from Fatto Nello Utah.

8. Tiny Party Hats
(photo stolen from hannah)
Wait…Alison, didn’t you make these Fancy Party Hats for Gigi’s 1st Birthday party? Yes, I did. But I love how Hannah has updated them with these flashy colors! GO CHECK OUT how Hannah and her family used these to ring in the new year!

9. Hunger Games
I don’t usually get into huge trendy books, but I listened to all 3 of these and I’m SO freaking excited for the movie I cannot wait.

momiform - 03
I totally owe the world some more momiform photos. Just know it’s been seeing a lot of action. And I think this is the year the rest of the world is going to get behind the jumpsuit!

Alright! What do you think about my 2012 trend predictions? Do you have any of your own?!



  1. elle rowley

    stop being such a genius. maybe i'll save this story for pillow talk at alt, but i met jared leto a few years ago. dream come true turned huge disappointment.

  2. hanner

    1. you know why i love you? because you are a lover. seriously. i cannot help but be enthusiastic about every single one of these trends.
    2. i still can't believe that robyn has made such a comeback! and that she has validated my dance moves.
    3. that is all.

  3. hanner

    oh wait, i actually do have a #3.

    3. trend watch for 2012: NOT OPI black matte nail polish. i just tried it tonight and it looks like i took a sharpie to my nails.

  4. Alison

    elle, stop it! But i seriously am not surprised.

    hannah, I am a lover, your lover. I love you!

  5. flexMD

    with regards to #5:
    um I am positive you invented the move at 1:32…probably back in 2005.

    Also I'm glad you didn't invent that pumpkin pie haircut.

  6. Jana

    roswell is my favorite. no exaggerating here. my favorite. why were the 90's sooo goood for teen tele?

  7. PerniPwr

    i loooooove my magnets. and i love that you use only the freshest ponies for your pony pies. that's so responsible!

  8. Alison

    jana, it's cause we WERE teens then…it makes it that much better!

  9. Tara

    #1, i can definitely vouch for your awesome dance moves in HS. poway has never seen such a fresh dance master.
    #2, roswell is ah.maz.ing. and even better, it's on netflix! also, please consider adding felicity. scott speedmen is a serious specimen.
    #3, best comment from the vid "food?? but we just drank all our calories!" classic ali.

  10. mandy dominici

    I know that Ari will rock my world this year, and hopefully more Ginger with her tiny feet!
    Sexy Pony Pies will have to be involved too. I am not very good at making pies, but I will help you eat them.
    Much more crafting this year with you! I am all for more of your videos as well! Little plastic animals!!! I buy them for Ari all the time and force him to play with them.

  11. francesco perri

    thanks for the props! my cutting board loves it!

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