Sugar Cookie & Royal Icing Tutorial

So if you follow me on instagram (@thelittletiny, get on already, it’s SO FUN!) then you know I’ve been having a major sugar cookie love fest. I’ve been doing these sugar cookies for several years now, and I’ve read some books and picked up a lot of tricks along the way! So my sister helped me record a little video!

The video covers:
– The basic royal icing recipe
– How to get the right consistency
– The supplies I recommend
– How to ice your cookies
– How to fix it when you mess up
– How to add rich color to your icing
– My favorite decorating trick!

I know I should try to keep my videos as short as possible, but I also sincerely want you to have a successful experience! So I’ve jammed in as many tips as I can! It’s 8 minutes, sorry if you get sick of me.

Here are some pictures of the cookies I made for some friends and neighbors this year.

IMG_7812 IMG_7813

Here’s how my kitchen looks…

And here’s how I packaged them!

I think this would be a really fun Christmas eve activity! Leave some out for Santa, if he’s deserving.

Merry Christmas my loves and Happy Holidays!


  1. hanner

    i pretty much love this. those pants!!

  2. mandy dominici

    This tutorial is heaven sent! Now my gingerbread cookies will be super cute and delicious (they are my one claim to baking greatness)! Thank you!

  3. Alison

    thank you! I want to see both of your cookies!

  4. Jessica Dahlquist

    How you do EVERY medium of crafting so well is beyond me. Love your lumberjack men, especially. lucky neighbors!

  5. Megan

    Dang. Wish I was still your neighbor.

  6. Jane@flightplatformliving

    just found your blog and so love these xxxxx

  7. adrienne

    These look photoshopped. I mean that in the complimentary way.

  8. Danielle

    Remember that one time when I was frosting cupcakes and you told me that I could do better? I Do and you were right. Thank you for believing in me and teaching me how to improve.

  9. jen @ jkjk

    Oh how I love to make sugar cookies. This is just fabulous. Can't wait to make some valentines day cookies.

  10. Janis

    With your royal icing recipe the egg whites are raw. It seems like this would be iffy for health safety reasons? Ive always used meringe powder to avoid this issue. What do you think? Thanks.

    1. Good question! I’ve researched it, and if your eggs are fresh, it shouldn’t be a problem. During the spring and summer and fall we have chickens! So our eggs are REAL fresh, but when I make cookies for a large event I do use meringue powder. The egg whites/ lemon juice taste better in my opinion, but I agree, it’s good to be cautious! For friends and family I usually use the egg whites. They are less expensive too. However I’ve been trying a lot of recipes with meringue powder lately, this video is older, and it does give a more professional looking finish, if that’s what you want. I should really do a comparison on my blog! maybe after the baby is born?! ha, but until then I really recommend the recipe on the site bake at 350! Good luck!

  11. Haley M

    Im dying to know your sugar cookie recipe…only because when i make them, they never hold the shape and they end up puffy. Help!

  12. I tried watching the tutorial video and it gave me an error and said the video was private 🙁

    1. Hey! I’ve taken this video down because I no longer use this method! I have an online course here:

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