Hip Refrigerator Magnets

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Each Christmas I like to make a little something for some of the ladies I love in my life. I’ve been trying to decide what to make. Then it dawned on me: Hip Refrigerator Magnets!  I’ve recently become aware at the lack of cute magnets I have in my life and I figured I might not be the only one.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I will say this: I tried to spray paint my wood blocks and it just didn’t look as nice as the acrylic craft store paint. So I recommend that. As for attaching the magnets DO NOT USE HOT GLUE! I have bought two sets of handmade magnets recently, and they have totally come undone. Hot glue will not hold. I recommend this intense all purpose cement glue I have pictured. And as for the taping off of stripes and glitter portions I reccomend floral tape. It won’t rip off the paint! Other than that, get wild!

I got these wood blocks from my friend Heather, but you can buy them at a craft store, or any other wood figure! I got the little bird houses at a thrift store. They had an odd paint job, so I sanded them and repainted them! Any little thing will work.

IMG_7757 IMG_7755

Paint your blocks with acrylic paint and then let them dry.

To glitter the tops I added tacky glue with my finger, then pressed the block into a big smoosh of glitter.

Attach the magnets. Unfortunately the magnets pictures were not strong enough to hold the weight of the block…I have to redo all of them. So I recommend testing this out FIRST, you know, before you gift wrap them all.

Then wrap and enjoy!


Merry Christmas!



  1. Heather

    Jeeze! You just ooze fabulous creativity!

  2. Living on Love

    Love these!

  3. jen @ jkjk

    hip indeed

  4. Alison

    thank you! and jen, the best part is that I didn't even have current pictures hip enough to showcase these! those polaroids are from like 4 years ago. because, sadly, I myself am no longer hip…which is why I needed these magnets!

  5. Eleanor

    These are the CUTEST. I was thinking the other day, “Oh, brother! I just can’t wait to get into an apartment so I can show off my The Alison Show mags.”
    And I’m very glad you made a record of how-to-do because recently i came upon some amazing magnets and I wished I could attempt a recreation of your magic.
    Just, THANKS FOR THE MAGIC, ya know?!

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