Merry Freaking Christmas

I’ve been busy with lots of Christmas crafts…and the first two books of the Hunger Games (soo good! I listen to the books while I craft and clean) and the first season of Vampire Diaries (I like Damon, but really still miss Spike).  From instagram (@thelittletiny) here are some of the things I’ve been working on!

It's never to early for glitter. Quick! Send me a Christmas card! I send Valentines, but my antler looks bare!
Glittered mini clothespins to hang Christmas cards. I used tacky glue and old school glitter and I REALLY like the way it looks! None of that expensive fine glitter on hand, but I’m glad because the fat glitter is so cheeky.

Merry freaking Christmas. @heathmild
I used my deer template to make myself (and Heather made a matching one!) a holiday cheer sweatshirt. I used a $6 sweatshirt from Wal-mart and it is SO cozy!

Tree candy.
I made some painted ornaments, but I really l don’t like the way they turned out. I kept them upside down too long and condensation built up. Like a science experiment gone wrong. But they look cool here.

Attack of the killer pom-poms! Only 50billion to go! Pom-pom fuel.

13 episodes of Vampire Diaries later...
And the bane of my Holiday existence. My pom-pom wreath! I made like a 20 inch wreath form and things got out of control. I finished late last night, hence the horrible picture. Maybe I’ll take some decent ones. It’s hard to fathom how many pom-poms are on this thing (all made by hand) until you see it in person.

And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is what I’ve been up to. How about you? Any Holiday crafts that are prodding you to poke your eyes out?


oh, um p.s. in case you forgot how cute my baby is BOOM
In this family we always say YES to faux fur.


  1. life:styled

    Christmas, the craziest {happy?} time of the year…
    Those all look super fun! I just found your blog last night, and am your newest follower, and on instagram.
    So, I guess that makes me your newest stalker 😉

  2. Jessica Dahlquist

    You would hand make your pom poms. My goodness. And Gigi bear is amazing!

  3. Jenna

    Handmade pom-poms? You trying to make us look bad? Haha.

    No, I love the way your wreath turned out! Very cute. And also, I adore old school glitter.

  4. hanner

    i did the clothespins with glitter paint, and they are DEFINITELY not as blingy. i know i should have gone with the old school glitter!

  5. Melissa Bothwell-Inglis

    baha.. I love how insatiable your need/energy is to create! You're a soul-mate for sure – but the nuttier one I'm sure (I like it!)… I've been posting my handmade Christmas projects over at my blog too! ;o)

    *She's super cute too!
    Mel :o)

  6. Melissa Bothwell-Inglis

    p.s.. ever see that quote:

    "glitter is the herpes of the craft world"?


  7. Roxanne

    wowee! you're a rockstar. by the way, i've been meaning to tell you that i had a dream the other day and you were in it! we were roommates, and we slept on bunkbeds…and you had a pet deer!! like, a spotted faun. it was so funny…

  8. dana and justin

    I love that picture of Gigi… she is adorable!

  9. meredith

    Your yarn ball tree decorations inspired me to do one continuous string of mini yarn balls as a garland for our tree. It is looking very fun but it is taking forever! Thanks for the idea!

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