DIY Geometric Wrapping Paper

tissue paper wrapping - 10
I love wrapping gifts with stuff I already have around my house. This means I’ll grab old grocery sacks, shopping bags, butcher paper and in this case, sketch-pad paper, and do what I can with it. Geometric shapes are so hot right now, and I really wanted to use them in my holiday wrapping…so this is what I came up with!

tissue paper wrapping - 12 tissue paper wrapping - 04 tissue paper wrapping - 08 tissue paper wrapping - 07

It’s super easy to do and for some reason oddly therapeutic. To start you’ll need something to wrap with, such as newspaper, sketch paper or old shopping bags. I’ll be showing you how to do it with these gift tags I’ve created:

tissue paper wrapping - 13

You can download the gift tags here!

tissue paper wrapping - 14 tissue paper wrapping - 15
You’ll also need white glue, water, cut up tissue paper, and a sponge brush.

Start by pouring some glue in a cup, and then add an equal amount of water. Stir it up!

Next brush a thin layer of glue where you’d like to place your tissue paper:
tissue paper wrapping - 16
Then place your tissue and paint on top of it to smooth it down.
tissue paper wrapping - 18
Continue this process, layering colors and shapes.
tissue paper wrapping - 19 tissue paper wrapping - 20

Wait until the paper is dry to touch. Then cut out your tags, or wrap up your gifts!

tissue paper wrapping - 06
tissue paper wrapping - 02 tissue paper wrapping - 09

Do not, I repeat DO NOT be afraid to add large pom poms and small plastic animals that you have painted, glittered, and then drilled holes in (what, like you don’t have those laying around too?)


Then boom! I guarantee you’ll have the flashiest, most festive wrapping on your block! Unless of course you live on my block…in which case you’ll have to glitter into the wee hours of the night to keep up!

tissue paper wrapping - 11

Hope you enjoy!


The girl whose husband wishes he hadn’t taught her how to use his drill


  1. We Three Zweigs


  2. meg

    How about you wrap my christmas gifts? I will pay you a consultant's fee. In diet cokes.


    Your biggest fan.

    But really.

  3. AaReAn

    tooooo cute! 🙂

  4. carla thorup

    these are awesome. maybe i will do more than just boring 'ol christmas paper this year.

  5. Aaron + Kayti

    its official, you are the craftiest person i know. i love this idea & love you & your crafty self!!

  6. mer

    love it! and I need to learn how to use a drill :0

  7. Star haus

    This is awesome!

  8. Morlee

    What a wonderful idea!

  9. Amy

    I love this! Now I have to go to the dollar store to find some animals to paint.

  10. Amy

    Kay maybe I am a dork, I just came back from walmart where I found some animals and they are outside trying to dry in the freezing cold 🙂

  11. life:styled

    love, love, love. mini animals will be adorning the next present to a kiddo for sure! I linked this post on my blog today with some other adorable animal ideas:

    thanks for the great idea!

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