Holiday Tea Towels


Well I’m just a freezer paper junkie these days! But it’s just so easy and fun. I made the reindeer tea towel (pictured above) the other night with some lady friends using a freezer paper stencil. I designed the reindeer, so I’d be happy to share him…

And lucky for you! Heather and her husband Matt (formerly of Kantan Designs) have sweetly offered to provide their old Christmas Prints as templates as well! Here are some of the tea towels we made:
tea towels - 1 tea towels - 2 
And with the Kantan prints we made:
tea towels - 3 tea towels - 4
tea towels - 6 tea towels - 5

If you need a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a freezer paper stencil, check out my Turkey T Tutorial. But for the reindeer pictured above, I used the cut-out deer, and then traced a serving dish on freezer paper to make an oval for him to sit inside. I cut out the oval and I then ironed the deer in the middle of my cut-out oval. Then I just painted inside the oval. Poof! Framed reindeer.

As for the tea towels themselves, I made my own because I wasn’t loving the ones I was finding at the store. If you don’t want to make your own you could buy some at Ikea or blank ones at the craft store. If you’d like to sew your own, make sure to use either 100% cotton or 100% linen fabric, or a mix of the two. And pre-wash people! The finished size I like for my own personal tea towels is 20″x28″. If you need some tips on how to sew them yourself I recommend checking out Freshly Picked’s Cloth Napkin Tutorial, and just change the starting dimensions to 21″x29″. I also added some twill tape on the back to act as a little loop for hanging. If this all sounds like gibberish to you, leave me a comment and I’ll go into deeper detail. 
I hope you have fun making some tea towels! I think they’d make a perfect craft night project and super gifts! Oh and Heather and I will soon be stenciling some of those deer heads onto matching sweatshirts we bought. Uh-huh, I’ve totally crossed the line. 
Love you all,


  1. Rachel

    What fun! I love those

  2. Sally@ Abode Casa Home

    Love it…I am doing towels for my neighbors with their treat this year…might have to snag your templates.

  3. Pattie

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. irene

    These are great!! I'm gonna do it!!

  5. irene

    Also, question: does the paint get in the way of the towel's absorption?

  6. Elle Keeps Moving

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these, you genius! I had the longest dream of us talking last night. nothing weird, just endless talking. maybe it's because i really want to hang out again soon?

  7. Alison

    Irene! Honestly don't know I haven't used mine yet, but I plan on using mine more of a hand drying-decor type thing, than an actual dish towel

  8. audrey

    oh man i'm in love with these. you are my hero!!! i want to be a crafty you when i grow up.

  9. audrey

    p.s. i will TRY to pull these off, but…. ??? cross you {everyone's!} fingers…

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