She tries to buy her child’s love

The only thing Gigi has let me put on her head ever. #deckthebaby
I don’t know if we’ve discussed this before, but Gigi loves Eric (her father, my husband) WAY more than me. Yes, I know that children go through phases, but it’s pretty much all the time. He’s a bowl of sunshine and sugar, and I’m a tolerable thimbleful of watered-down juice.

For the most part I don’t let it get to me. I’m actually relieved and proud to have a husband that is such a good father. Plus, I knew it would happen. Little girls always flirt with Eric, they just seem to adore him. When he sees Gigi he tosses her in the air and tickles her. He plays all sorts of games I’d never think of. Whereas when I see Gigi I’m usually trying to force a too-tight shirt I made over her head, or wipe snot from her nose. If I were her I’d like him better too.

Gigi wasn’t feeling very well while we were in San Diego, and she got so grumpy and clingy to Eric that he’d have to try to hide so that other people could get a chance to hold her. If she saw him walk by, even from a distance, she’d start crying for him.

Like I said, I usually love the break when she reaches for him, but sometimes it gets to the point that I feel like a scorned lover. When she cries for Daddy I’ll say, “Fine, I’m going to Joann’s without either of you!” And sulk off.

Another reason I think she likes him better than me (other than the fact he is more fun) is that he’s always letting her play on his iPhone and iPad. He’s downloaded all sorts apps for her.

So in order to win my child back I had to download one of my own. Thankfully I have friends who make everything, including apps.

My friend Melanie, the one who made the wrapping paper, just casually mentioned she had made an iPhone app with some friends! Who just drops that CASUALLY?! It’s called, “Make it Pop!” And of course it is SO CUTE. Gigi is obsessed with it. It’s perfect for her age, and not annoying for me. Here are some images from it.

Obviously I like it beacause my friend made it! But I also really like it because it’s educational, while you make things “pop!” there are numbers and letters. Plus I also start singing “Make it Pop” to the tune of “Make it Clap.”

Do you guys have any apps you are loving? For kids or for yourself? I almost got myself a cleaning app…almost. But that would just be a waste of money.

At least I have my blog with my virtual friends to tell me they love me. Even if this girl won’t. Ha!

I love you all!


  1. v a n e s s a

    i think i am going to be in the same boat whenever i stop nursing and lose my edge. and will totally restort to bribes. and now i'm also humming make it clap…

  2. Bree

    I want you to know that Archie HATES me. When someone is holding Archie and they hand him back to me he starts crying. And I dont even have an Iphone for him. Eddie has this Talking Rex one that Archie likes. Maybe Gigi would like it? Its just a dinosaur that talks. pretty cool.

  3. Kim Baise

    those are so cute,they almost look like cookie reindeers!

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