She sold out…tweet, tweet.

For those of you who aren't LUCKY enough to live in Provo, here's some of my goodies at Bijou Market.
Well I mean, like in the sense that I’m a “sell-out.” Not that like my booth at the Bijou Market was cleared clean. But it was a great event!

I’ll start by saying the number one reason I’m a sell-out is because I joined Twitter. I think my anti-Twitter stance was even firmer than my anti-Facebook stance…but I’ve caved. What else is new? Please don’t offer me drugs right now, I can’t promise I wont’ succumb to peer pressure.

My twitter handle is sheblogsheblogs

So it’s just like the blog, minus and “s” in the middle there. Not ideal, but I was late to the game and beggars can’t be choosers. But I will say, I plan on being like, really funny on Twitter.

In other news! Bijou Market really was SO MUCH FUN. And I’m glad I swooped in at the last minute. I took some pictures of my booth, but please, please remember I was up until 4 in the morning the night before, so there are bags under my eyes galore, and also the lighting in there isn’t super.

LittleTinyBijou - 1 LittleTinyBijou - 2
LittleTinyBijou - 7
LittleTinyBijou - 8 LittleTinyBijou - 4
 LittleTinyBijou - 6 LittleTinyBijou - 5

I made a few last minute Christmas additions, and I am in love with them. They sold very well, but lucky for you, I will be sharing how to DIY them in the next week!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I’m going to blow your mind with some quick and adorable Chestnut Ornaments!

Love your guts,

Twitter’s newest drone
p.s. OF COURSE I WORE MY MOMIFORM I needed a power outfit.


  1. mandy dominici

    Your booth looks so cute! Christmas!!!

  2. Megan

    Your booth looks so cute! Hurry down here!

  3. Kim Baise

    your booth looks Amazing! So do you, even with bags ;0
    i'm a followin' you on twitter too.
    hope to have some good laughs with you!!

  4. Heather

    I like to think I had an influence on your "selling out" to twitter. Thank you very much. I know you would've sold out eventually, wether I was in your life or not though.

    Bijou was fantastic. I'm glad Little Tiny made an appearance there. You're amazing.

  5. mer

    it was a super great both. We bought some little dear ornaments! my boys love them.


  6. Bon Bon

    your cute booth blows my mind! I recently caved in to the almighty twitter too…never thought the day would come:-) xoxo

  7. Elle Keeps Moving

    you're going to have to tweech me (that is a morph of the words "tweet" and teach" – you can quote me on that). your booth did look amazing. just like you in that hot suit. it's not a power suit. it's a HOT suit. like hot pants, but a suit.

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