The Great Jumpsuit Experiment or My Fall Momiform

One time I read an article in Parenting and they used the word: “momiform.” I love stuff like that.

A momiform makes perfect sense if you are a mom! It’s your mom-uniform. It’s the outfit you  unintentionally put on almost everyday. They’re the clothes you can grab without thinking. And I don’t know about you, but I do most things without thinking.

All spring and into early fall my “momiform”  was denim on denim. This is evident by the number of pictures of me in my chambray shirt. Honestly, look back, it looks like it’s the only shirt I own.

My sister Andrea and I were talking about what our “momiforms” were going to be for fall and winter, and I decided that a one piece jumpsuit was the most practical choice. She disagreed, but I stand by my decision. And because I was unable to find a jumpsuit that met my needs…I decided I had to make one.

Here is the progression of events…
Jumpsuit - 5 Jumpsuit - 6
First I found a pattern, then I modified the crap out of it. Here I am in a fetching muslin mockup.

And now for the reveal…
Jumpsuit - 4 Jumpsuit - 1
Jumpsuit - 3 Jumpsuit - 2

Remember how I’m so good at being a serious model?! Anyway, I’m really really pleased with how my jumpsuit turned out. It’s SO comfortable. I used the most wonderful knit fabric, and it’s also really fun to dance in.

To prove to my sister, and any other jumpsuit practicability doubters, just how versatile the jumpsuit can be, I’ve decided it will post pictures of how I wear my jumpsuit weekly! I want this baby to get a lot of use! I shall call it: The Great Jumpsuit Experiment.

Now go ahead, admit it, do you kind of want a jumpsuit? You can join me in my experiment.



  1. Roxanne

    whaaat!? i love this! i'm going to admit…i had my doubts until i saw those bottom pictures. it looks great! and, black was a great choice… lookin' good mama.

  2. Breanne King

    I get the momiform thing…and you look stellar. Soon as they carry one at forever 21 I'll be rocking one too!

  3. Sally@ Abode Casa Home

    Oh I totally get it. I've been searching for a jumpsuit that met my needs….which are probably the same as your needs, for a while now. Turned out great…love it.

  4. Melanie Burk

    Hey do you think that we could make it Maternity sizes? Because how awesome would that look with my huge belly. hahaha. Love it!!

  5. Alexandra

    I am obSESSED with this Experiment!!!!
    I can never find jumpsuits in which the torso is long enough. The closest I came was a fabu turquoise one at French Connection, but I couldnt justify $250. 🙁 sad sad sad.

  6. hanner

    i have to admit that i'm on the fence on this one, but if anyone can rock the jumpsuit, alison faulkner can! also, i am srsly impressed with your sewing skills.

  7. Jennifer Leible

    WOW! This is excellent! Knits are hard to sew at home and it looks like you did an amazing job! Well done!!

  8. manda

    it looks so great! you wear it like a real classy lady (i would have used a foul word there, but i like calling you a lady far more.) love your guts.

  9. KA

    But what about whenever there needs to be some peeing accomplished???

  10. Melissa Bothwell-Inglis

    …maybe there's a 'trap door' we weren't shown in this outfit for bathroom breaks then? Holy flip tho, you took two hideous ideas: 1)momiform
    …and made them bring sexy back!

    Great sewing mama! ;o)

  11. Naomi, Art, and Hyrum

    I TOTALLY want one. And, Hyrum says "Hey! That's my back row teacher!"

  12. anna

    i have one issue with the jumpsuit…going to the bathroom. are you just like a little kid in their one piece bathing suit? is that too inappropriate to ask? i just wore a jumpsuit once and felt weird being topless in a public restroom. thoughts?

  13. We Three Zweigs


  14. Angela

    Totally love it!!!
    You look fabulous!
    Red lipstick completes the look perfectly!

  15. Angela

    P.S. I love the movement in the Knit. I can't stop staring!

  16. mandy dominici

    Love it!!! You look so good!

  17. Alison

    HAHAHAHA! THANK YOU ALL! So, the bathroom…think overalls! The top cross is really wide, so I just pull it over my shoulders. I will admit that I had a mishap yesterday…the sleeves got away from me. That's all I'll say.

  18. Heather

    Love love love! You look AMAZING in it, too!

  19. Megan

    Is there anything you can't do? Nope, don't think so.

  20. meg

    Here is the thing…I saw the momiform yesterday. And if totally looks even better in real life.

  21. Emily

    If I saw you walkin down the street I'd be like, "dang! that's one fine momiform!" Love it love it love it!

  22. irene

    I love this. And I want one.

  23. Holley @ Lunges and Lashes

    reason #453 why i love you. momiform? best ever. you are rocking this.

  24. eleanor

    You look so cute. I can’t believe you made this, Alison! I love the muslin mock up! That’s my favorite.

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