She’s limping.

Ragnar is my beeotch! All done with my three legs! 3 more runners to go.

Did I neglect to mention that I ran a 12 person 200 mile race this past weekend? I did. Didn’t I? Well it was only because I was in total denial that it was going to happen.

But happen it did. Eric and I ran the Las Vegas Ragnar relay race with some awesome peeps that Eric works with. My thee legs totaled almost 15 miles. Which back in the day wouldn’t have been a big deal for me, but since the baby…well, let’s just say today I’m HURTING. I forgot how much I love running long distances though. So hopefully this will inspire me to get my butt back in gear. Have you run a Ragnar?

That’s it. No other updates. Other than I hope you’re having a super start to your week. I think I’ll start mine off with a percocet…what? There have to be SOME perks to have gone through labor and post-labor pain! Leftover drugs can’t be one of them??



  1. Megan

    Sweet tat

  2. Alison

    thanks, I'm REALLY hardcore

  3. Jenna

    My sister-in-law did the Ragnar last year. Ca-razy. I could never. I'd be dead. Really.

    I bow to you.

  4. meg

    You are the most hard core mom I know. Take that as the extreme compliment it is.

  5. Amanda

    In the famous words of Jack Black, "Well you're not hardcore, unless you live hardcore…" You, my friend, are totally hardcore. I don't think I've ran anything close to 15 miles in the last decade. Yikes. You totally deserve some prescription drugs 😉

  6. robin

    i did the wasatch last year and it was the best/craziest/most insane/funnest thing ever.

    i loved/hated it and can't wait/don't want to do it ever again!

  7. Jessica Dahlquist

    You're such a champ!

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