Spooky on a budget

Sometimes when Eric gets home I immediately thrust Gigi into his arms, dive to find my keys, and while running for the door I shout vague instructions about caring for our child. I then get in my car, blast my bad music, and start driving aimlessly.

This scenario doesn’t mean I don’t love my husband or baby. Sometimes I just need to get away. And by sometimes I mean at least once a day. Usually I don’t have anywhere I REALLY need to go, so I’ll just point my car towards the nearest caffeine and then take it from there. I’d say more often than not I end up at Joanns. There’s always something that needs surveying at Joanns.

Earlier this week, on my little evening getaway, I was searching for some inspiration (yes, at Joanns) to spook up my porch. Over the past few years I’ve been horribly disappointed with my Halloween decor, but to me it’s really hard to find. Why is it that Halloween decorations seem to fall into two categories: 1. Shabby Chic or 2. Terribly Disgusting. Why can’t there be any middle ground?!

Obviously I’m happy to make my own, but sometimes I’d like a base to start from! Moving on. I ended up leaving Joanns empty handed. I can’t remember the last time this happened. Eric almost died from shock (or was it happiness?).

Disappointed and a bit disillusioned, I stumbled into the giant Halloween party store that sets up camp next to my local Joanns this time of year. After getting sufficiently creeped out by the teenagers chasing each other with fake chainsaws and the mechanical zombie crawling after me on the floor…I was able to find a few things for my porch.

I have some Ikea lanterns hanging on my porch that I’ve really wanted to spruce up. During the summer they had some ivy in them, but for the last few months they have been empty. I tend to spend a lot of time on things that are edible and giftable, but my house kind of suffers from neglect. After an embarrassingly long time wandering the store, I decided on some fake giant spiders. They were $2.50 each and I already had some web (used for my Fancy Halloween hats!). I also picked up this fake raven, and a tiny pen that looks like a broom (JEALOUS of my pen, aren’t you?).

I guess I could have just posted some pictures of my “Spooky Porch” and been all understated about it, but then that wouldn’t have been much like me, would it?

Extra spooky lantern Spooky lantern
Spooky porch

Now I just need an absurd number of pumpkins, and I think I’ll be set on the porch. But there’s still a whole house that needs haunting! Any suggestions?

Also what are you being for Halloween? I CANNOT decide on Ginger’s costume, but I’m really leaning towards a lil’ devil. Is it wrong to dress my 1-year-old daughter as Beelzebub? 



  1. Megan

    I love this!!! And I LOVE the raven. I got some birds and skeletons at the dollar store. However, they have already been taken over by the boys. Is it disgusting that my kids use skeletons as toys?

  2. Luz e. Howse

    I'm the same way with joanns as my therapeutic getaway. I like the decor. Now you need some of those wicked white pumpkins

  3. Rachel

    I love decorating for holidays!

  4. Jenna

    Cute! Absurd amount of pumpkins will be a nice finishing touch!

    It sounds like your evening getaways are a lot like mine, only my destination is Hobby Lobby and my choice of poison is chocolate.

  5. CaitlinLang

    Are you aware of Joanne's 'text' coupons? Just text 56266 and you'll join their mobile coupon club and they'll text you coupons you show from your phone at the Register!

  6. emilyhutchison

    Ali, I also love decorating for Halloween. On a different note, every time I see that new "flicker" button on the side I think it looks like a different F word. That I and L really seem to make a U. I'm just saying.

  7. Madicap

    Back when I was little, we used to haunt the house by making small ghosts out of cheesecloth and cotton-balls. We also made a larger one with buttons sewn on for eyes that I refused to get rid of for years and years. 🙂

  8. Sarah

    I love Halloween! And I know what you mean about terrible decor everywhere you go. It's hard to find good stuff. I'm excited to see what you come up with! Your porch looks great! You might like Erin's Halloween decor she came up with last year. Here's the link: http://suttongrace.blogspot.com/2010/10/halloween-decor-2010.html

  9. Tahnie

    Love it! I'm all about the budget decorating. I do a ton with paper. Last year I spent FOREVER cutting out a cluster of bats. I think my hand still hurts. This year I found some free clip art someone posted on pinterest and printed and framed it. I also used cheese cloth and starch to make ghosts to hang around. As far as costumes, last year I dressed my babe as a 'deviled egg.' I sewed a yellow circle of felt (added some batting to make it puffy) to a white onesie then put on all the devil attire. This year I'm considering dressing her up as a pig and putting her in a blanket…get it?! well anyway….I have some weird thing with play on words and costumes I guess.

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  11. terima kasih beritanya. karena semoga musim
    ini beranak-pinak baik semenjak kemarin

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