Fancy Party Hat Tutorial

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 24
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 26
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 25

I am very excited to share this tutorial with you! It’s such a versatile craft. You can use these hats for a birthday party, like I did, or you could use them to celebrate any holiday! And because Halloween is right around the corner, I did a few Halloween inspired hats to get your juices flowing.

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 27
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 23 Fancy Hat Tutorial - 22

I also think these hats would be adorable to let your guests decorate, if they are old enough or interested enough to do so! Wouldn’t they also make a fun name card?

Ok, I’ll stop selling the party hats and get to the freaking tutorial. Oh, and there’s a video now too:

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 02

-Pattern pieces (available above) 

-Hot Glue Gun


-Glitter Foam
*I shopped around and found that Hobby Lobby had the best deal on glitter foam (a dollar per sheet). This foam comes in 9×12″ sheets, and you will be able to make about 5 hats for every two sheets of foam. If glitter doesn’t go with the look of your event (my only question is, why not?) you could also use spray adhesive to adhere some light fabric to plain foam.

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 03

-Miniature alligator clips
*Again Hobby Lobby was the real winner on price and selection for these guys. I got a bag of 25 for around $4.

*The sky is really the limit. I used feathers, pom poms, tulle, toys, sequins, ribbon and felt.

STEP 1: Cut out your pieces

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 01

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 05

Trace your pieces (try to maximize your space) on the back of your foam.

STEP 2: Glue your band

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 06Fancy Hat Tutorial - 07

When gluing your band hold up your top piece to make sure the circumferences match. You won’t cut each top circle exactly the same, so each band will overlap a little more or a little less. Err on the side of have the band circle too small if needs be.

STEP 3: Attach the top of the hat

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 08Fancy Hat Tutorial - 09

In half inch sections add glue to the top rim of the band. Secure the top and remove any excess glue. Yes, you will probably get burned. A small sacrifice for such a cute hat.

STEP 4: Secure the top of the hat to the base

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 10

Add glue to the bottom rim of the hat, and then center it on top of the base (the larger circle). You only get one shot, so get it right. Ha, NO PRESSURE.

STEP 5: Attach the alligator clip

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 28
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 29

When I made my first hat I put glue all along the bottom of the clip. Duh, it didn’t open. Place a small dab of hot glue on the ends, and secure the flat side to the bottom of the hat. I like to open the clip while the glue dries to make extra sure I didn’t glue it shut. Fool me once! Keep in mind which side of your head you want to wear the hat on, and then keep the seam (that is on the band of the hat) in back.

STEP 6: Decorate!

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 11
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 18
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 19
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 20

My only tip: put glue on the object, not the hat. Trust me. It’s easier.

Here’s a quick visual tutorial of how to make a tuxedo bow out of felt. Sorry it’s a tad fuzzy.

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 12
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 13
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 14 Fancy Hat Tutorial - 15
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 16 Fancy Hat Tutorial - 17

Here are some more detailed shots for decorating inspiration. Also you can see Gigi’s Fancy Pants Party post for even more Fancy Hats.

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 31 Fancy Hat Tutorial - 34
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 35 Fancy Hat Tutorial - 36
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 33
Fancy Hat Tutorial - 30

I might wear one of these suckers in place of a costume this year. Or make a mini witch hat! Boo!

Fancy Hat Tutorial - 21
(Again, huge thanks to Heather for taking pictures of me. Saved me from self-timer!)

Awesome! You are done! I REALLY REALLY want to see some of your hats! If you make some send them my way! It makes my DAY!

Happy crafting!



  1. Rachel

    That's great! Love it

  2. meredith

    I am in love with these. All morning I have been trying to come up with different reasons for needing to make these hats. Turns out, I don't need a reason. I am just going to make them and wear them around the house.

    On a different note probably too long for a comment, my husband checks my reader feeds sometimes and he commented on how much he like the things you make. He likes them because they are things he hasn't seen before and he likes your designs.

    And I love your brazil butt lift buns.

  3. Megan

    I am going to do Brita's Halloween costume centered around this.

    …I may need some help from you. Ok, I will need help from you.

  4. Elle Keeps Moving

    this is ridiculously cute, but what is cuter is that we both redesigned our blogs on the same day. we should make matching party hats to celebrate.

  5. Jessica Dahlquist

    Your nails look beautiful!

  6. Alison

    thanks jess! xo

  7. MKD

    Instead of clips can u use headbands?

  8. S. Charbonneau

    These hats are AWESOME!!

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