Fall Cleaning? And My Life Motto

WHOA, don’t freak out.

A couple things have changed around here. If you’re in reader, you should probably pop over and check out ye olde blog. Oh, and, also, if you’re in reader, you’re probably not reading any more? I recently changed my URL from a blogspot one to Sheblogssheblogs.com. So you’ll have to resubscribe.

But I just feel so much better because it was time for a change. And I’ve been meaning FOREVER to create some little buttons for people who would want them, you know, to post on your blog if you’d like. I’ve created two. One is just you know, “Sheblogs Sheblogs” and the other is my life motto. Which I shared with you all a while back, but because it’s been a while I’ll explain it again. Though, it doesn’t REALLY need explaining.

I tend to have anxiety. HUGE shock I know. I joke, I kid. I’m textbook. Anyway, one time I was actually in the throws of a real anxiety attack: gasping for air, dizzy, blah blah. I don’t get them too often, just once or twice a year. Anyway, I just felt as though I had no options and I had no control over my own life. I felt thrust into the situation I was in, and I wanted out. And then it clicked, “I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.” I started saying this to myself and pacing back and forth. I know this sounds oh so dramatic, but it’s true, my roommates at the time can attest I was bonkers. Anyway. Over the years I try to remind myself of this.

During another bout of anxiety a few years ago, Eric was out of town and it was Easter, and I was at my in-laws without my husband. We hadn’t even been married a year, and it was a little uncomfortable for me. Even more uncomfortable when I broke down crying hysterically on my mother-in-laws lap. Ha! But you know what she did. She hugged me, and said, “I get like this too, and what’s happened is, you aren’t giving yourself any options. Let’s try to think of some.”

Isn’t that the perfect way to sum up how we feel sometimes? Bless you Debbie. It’s so true. We can get so wrapped up with how things SHOULD be, or how we wanted them to be, that we don’t give ourselves any options.

So, with ALL that ado, I give you my motto! It’s the ultimate option:

My Life Motto

It’s on the sidebar should you like it! Let me know if it’s too big and I can do a smaller one, I just wasn’t sure what size you’d like. The Sheblogs one is smaller.

Well that was a lot of sharing for a Tuesday morning! My voice is kind of back. Enough to force it for some tutorial videos I have planned! Muhaha.

I love you all! Keep your chin up, and remember, you’re an adult and you can do whatever the hell you’d like.



  1. Heather

    I love everything that's going on with your blog right now. "like".

  2. Megan

    Love it all. It looks fabulous, of course.

  3. ashmae

    yeah girl! i just got all pepped up.

  4. Sara

    Whoa, I like! So chic!

  5. Nichelle

    i love the look but i've always loved the motto. it shall go up in the bus

  6. heyitsmeal

    i could not possibly love this motto any harder. i feel like it sums up so many of my crazy decisions. serious high fives for being grownups. adore.

    – al

  7. Amanda Seria Cook

    Thanks for the reminder. You're good with those. 😉

  8. Jordan P

    Love the new look! And i needed this reminder today- so thanks!!

  9. Alison

    thank you all! And I'm SOO Glad you are in support of this motto!

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