She partied too hard.

Ginger’s birthday weekend was a TOTAL success! We had SO much fun, and spent way too much time and possibly sanity, putting on a “Fancy Pants” birthday party for Gigi. And by “we” I mean my mom, my sister, and me.

In fact I partied so hard, that I have completely and totally lost my voice. I was sick leading up to the party and then I decided experimenting with cake toppers was more important than sleep. (I still stand by that decision.) On Saturday, my already raspy voice had turned into something even more pitiful to listen to, and by the end of the party it was spent. All yesterday I was only able to whisper. And today, it’s STILL gone. Yes, it is my personal hell.

Dear, sainted, talented Heather Mildenstien of The Coterie, was sweet enough to allow me to THRUST picture duty onto her, which is totally why I was able to party so hard. And so, I really have hardly any pictures to share yet! But I’m just so excited I thought I’d share a couple that I do have.

To give a brief overview I decided  to do Ginger insisted a Fancy Pants party, and I tried to keep things, you know, FANCY. I created individual fascinators (a total nod to the royal wedding…yes for a one-year old) for all of the women at the party to wear when they arrived. I made bow ties for the men, and an array of other treats.

Guests were encouraged to wear their fanciest pants, and then prizes were awarded to those that were the fanciest. Here’s a sneak peak at the birthday girl’s pants:


And some shots from the Fancy Pants photo wall:

(please note Heather’s bedazzled pants, so fancy!)

(my sister and her hubby Brian in what he calls his “quitters” and Josie! Gigi’s BFF!)

I’ll be doing a tutorial soon for the party hats, and I’m sure lots of other things. But as I post pictures please let me know if you have any specific requests! Unless of course the request is to stop posting pictures, because I probably won’t listen!

I love you all.

I wish I could talk. I have SO MUCH to say.




  1. Mame

    AH!!! I checked your blog just bc I was so excited to see how the party went! And I am surprised you had something up already. I can't wait to see the specific treats you made (as in food, though I do love your crafting treats as well)! And let me tell you – I freaking LOVE Josie's BFF hat – and the GiGi loves you sign. 2 of my favs for now. Can't wait to see what else you come up with – you really are amazing. I would LOVE to do something all out like this, but I just lack the motivation.

  2. Heather

    Best freaking party everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! More photos coming soon……

  3. Megan

    OMG this is sooo cute! And fun! I can't get over Brian and his quitters. So sad we missed it. Call us when you get your voice back!

  4. Jennifer Leible

    I love that photo wall! The accessories are so cute! I can't wait for the hat tutorial!

  5. flexMD

    whispering with you at smiths was real fun. lets do it again.

  6. Luz e. Howse

    (: is there really such thing as posting too many photos?
    I didn't think so either.

    p.s. Love the new blog layout!
    I believe I need to put that adult..I'll do what I want button up on my blog (;

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