Fall Fun and My Mom’s Carrot Recipe

Don’t you adore fall? It’s beyond my favorite season. I love cardigan weather. You know, before it gets too chilly and after it has been so blistering hot? Plus I look good in cardigans. Who doesn’t look good in cardigans?

It’s also really fun to harvest from our garden. We didn’t get that great of haul this year. I did absolutely nothing in the garden, and Eric got too busy to tend to it for a while. So we haven’t gotten as many things as I would have hoped, but next year I’m going to actually participate and we’ll see how that goes. Last night I dug up these carrots, and it was thrilling! Seriously, thrilling.

Carrot gang

Look at this mutant. It’s such a Harry Potter carrot.

Carrot child

Eric uprooted a ton of red potatoes, he loves growing them  even though I tell him how cheap they are in the store. Ginger became  especially fond of one tiny potato, and carried it around, mostly in her  mouth for almost an hour.

Gigi toy

Garden babes

Then we took a walk around our neighborhood to spy on our  neighbor’s gardens. They have got some fabulous goods. You could  seriously live fat and happy off the haul in our neighborhood. I won’t  tell anyone, I swear. We found these beautiful sunflowers with plump  bumblebees bustling about. Ginger thought they were great, but not great  enough to release the potato for.

Gigi sunflower

Sometimes I’m not that great about using vegetables  when I buy them at the store. But I cannot stand to let the ones we grow  go to waste. So I thought I’d share:

My Mom’s Way of Making Carrots:
Prepare  the carrots by peeling them, then cutting them up into bite size pieces  of similar sizes. In this case this was a shame because they lost their  fabulous shape.

Then I boiled them until tender. Next,  drain the carrots and then put them back in your sauce pan. On a low  heat and add a little bit of butter, a tablespoon or so of brown sugar  and a pinch of salt. Stir the carrots until the butter and sugar have  dissolved. Then salt to taste.

My mom would always do this with baby carrots, and we loved it growing up. It’s the only way I really know how to prepare carrots, other than making a soup or doing them raw. But I’d love it if any of you knew any other recipes or methods of preparation, especially if they involve leaving these beautiful carrots whole!

In other news, I’m busy totally embracing my role as a crazy over-the-top mom, preparing some fun things for Ginger’s first birthday party! We’re a having a small party with mostly family. My parents are coming to town and I’m so excited I’m GIDDY. Honestly I stay awake at night thinking about the crazy things I’d like to do. I pretty much cleared my schedule so I can do them all! And I don’t care one bit if I look like a total dork mom who has nothing better to do. Because in my opinion, few things are better than elaborate crafts for my tiny!

I hope you all are enjoying the onset of fall. And that you’re getting lots of action. I mean that sincerely. Everyone should be getting some action! And by action I mean love. And by love I mean both physical and emotional. Ha!


p.s. the sweatshirt the Ginger is wearing is the one I made for her using this pattern!


  1. Nichelle

    i can't wait to see her bday party!! i love family pics soooo much, why is ginger so cute!? oscar just learned how to give kisses so i'm dying for him to plant a wet one on ginger! i called you and it went straight to voicemail, missin you!

  2. Heather

    THose carrots are BEAUTIFUL! Seriously though! And I've always thought it'd be fun to grow potatoes, but never have. I'll have to do that next year. And yes, fall is THE BEST!

  3. Rachel

    That's awesome! I have always liked fresh grow fruit and vegetables… I don't have the skill or patience to actually do it and for that I am jealous ;P

  4. Erin Dougal

    My mom made carrots like that too. I had completely forgotten. Thanks for the reminder, they are so yummy that way. And I absolutely can not believe that Gigi is almost 1. That is weird because that means Penny is an old lady.

  5. Mame

    Cut the carrots in 1/4/s, long ways, sprinkle with some oil, some salt and pepper, and roast at 425. SO FREAKING GOOD.

    and what's funny, is I thought it looked like a harry potter carrot before you even said that.

  6. Luz e. Howse

    post lots of photos of the party! I wish I had time to put on elaborate parties.

  7. Tahnie

    My favorite way to eat carrots is cut and boil them and put them back in the sauce pan like your mom, but add a little butter, lemon juice, salt, and dried dill. Soooo good.

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