Roasted Tomato and Tomatillo Salsa

Fresh salsa with veggies from the garden, "because everybody likes to say salsa."

I had absolutely no idea how easy it was to make homemade salsa! Why didn’t you people tell me?

Well just in case someone hasn’t told YOU either, here’s the lowdown. Making salsa is beyond easy, and it will make you feel like a rock star. It’s a good way to get some veggies in your diet, plus, “Everybody likes to say salsa.” (10 gold stars from me if you know that quote…without using google!)

I’ve made pico de gallo type salsas before. You know,  the chunky, fresh, yummy kind that usually consist of chopped tomatoes, onion, lime juice, cilantro and perhaps corn or black beans.

But I’d never made the more soupy, spicy, cheap-Mexican-food-salsa-bar type salsa before. Did I make that sound unappetizing? Ha. I just mean more “real” salsa. But when some tomatillos popped up in our garden, as well as some Anaheim peppers, I decided it was time to say, “Ole!”

We also had some fabulous tomatoes from our garden, so I wanted to include those. I was unable to find any recipes that incorporated both tomatillos AND tomatoes, so I decided to wing it! The salsa turned out really yummy and totally had some kick! I’m passing on the recipe I used, but you’ll quickly see you can use or not use quite a few different things, depending on your personal preferences.

Again, this is SUPER simple. But I’ve given in depth instructions (as always) to help make things more full proof for you.

3 medium tomatoes
2 Anaheim peppers
1 Jalapeno pepper
6 small tomatillos, remove them from the husk and rinse off the stickiness (yeah, they are sticky)
5-6 large cloves of garlic, leave them in their paper
1 large onion, quartered
A handful of cilantro
1 Lime
Salt to taste

I like spicy things. I’m not some hardcore spice addict, but I think I have a higher tolerance than your average person/Utah resident (remember I hail from San Diego). If you are a wimp, you can omit the jalapeno, or remove the seeds from the peppers after you have charred them. Anaheim peppers are pretty mild. To give you an idea, on the Scoville rating Jalapenos are 2-4 times spicier than Anaheim peppers. I also LOVE garlic. If you adore garlic you might want even more. Again, if you’re a garlic wimp, take that into account.

Roast all of your veggies (minus the onion and cilantro) on a baking sheet lined with foil. Move the rack in your oven a few inches away from the heat source, and roast on the highest setting until the peppers and tomtatillos are charred, 7-10 minutes.

I happen to have a gas stove. It’s old, it’s dirty, I love it. Because I have a gas stove I decided to char my peppers and tomatillos directly over the small flame. I just used a pair of long tongs and rotated the peppers and tomatillos so that all sides got a nice char. One minute or so for each side. But I still roasted the tomatoes and garlic in the oven for 7 minutes. Careful not to burn your garlic. Burnt garlic will annihilate your salsa, and for that matter, your life.

Remove the stems from your peppers, and remove the garlic from its peel.

In a food processor or blender blend the tomatillos, garlic, the juice of one lime, two tomatoes, cliantro and the peppers. If you’re worried about spice, maybe add the peppers one at a time and taste. Once this is blended decide if you’d like more tomato. It will make it less spicy, but it also makes it soupier. Then add the onion. I like to add the onion at the end (and keep it raw) because it keeps the salsa chunkier and adds a nice texture. Then salt to taste!

I served this salsa with sweet pork tacos, topped with fresh slaw, sour cream and mozzarella cheese. Hello. But I polished off the last of it with chips, and liked it just as much. I also thought it was pretty great slightly warm after it was first made. It weirded Eric out a bit, but I knew that the veggies had been freshly roasted so I loved it.

You could do a ton of variations with this. I think it would be SUPER yummy to add fresh chunks of avocado to it. And I’m eager to try it using more tomatillos and less tomatoes. I’ll be making another batch soon (I just need more tomtatillos to ripen!) so I’ll be sure to let you know. But if you make some PLEASE let me know how it goes!




  1. Rachel

    I love making salsa! Thanks for another great recipe

  2. Kristin

    "You have the seltzer after the salsa!" I love the way he says salsa, hah.

  3. andrea

    make it and bring it to me. please??

  4. Laura Bradbrook

    Thank you for this recipe. I added more garlic, cilantro and it was so good!! I have tried a few recipes but something was lacking. First try and the flavor was great! Again thank you!

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