She’s still on the road!

Well I’m still on our road trip! And even though the first few days I was having convulsions from a lack of crafting/sewing/creating, I then quickly adapted to a new lazier lifestyle.  I’m happy to report that we are having a FABULOUS time. To be 100% honest I was dreading this trip. I could not foresee any way to have a good time with a baby who wasn’t getting any naps or sleep. But Ginger has been a total champion, and thanks to some of your tips, she’s a been a really happy camper.

We switched her to a forward facing car seat, and it has made a WORLD of difference. The sleeping arrangement means we have to hold it all night…but it’s worth it for a baby who is rested. Let’s just hope we don’t contract a UTI.

trip - 3

It’s funny. As a new mom it’s so easy to get in a routine, and once you finally find a way to keep your baby happy, you don’t want to do ANYTHING to upset it. And truthfully, I think it depends on the baby. Ginger, in the past, has been exceptionally sensitive when it comes to, well, everything. Little things upset her greatly and she has a hard time “going with the flow.” But now that she’s older, I’ve been so surprised with how much more adaptable she can be. She’s still my little pill who wants just what she wants. But I’m so glad I was forced out of my comfort zone…and that it worked out positively.

We’ve seen things we would have never seen:

trip - 4
Dad wearing Grandma’s hoodie and showing Gigi the sights in Crescent City, California. 

trip - 6
The Trees of Mystery in The Redwoods. 

voodoo - 5
A genius abandoned street sign in downtown Portland. 

Done things we would have never done:

trip - 7
Racing down the side of the stairs (with Uncle Curtis) in the capitol building in Salem, Oregon.

trip - 5
Touching the freezing cold Pacific ocean until tiny fingers turn blue.

And tasted things we never would have tasted:

trip - 2
Yes, it looks like Grandpa is having Gigi snack on a plant that they found on a beautiful nature hike. It tasted just like licorice and Gigi couldn’t get enough. But let me show you where the plant was actually located

trip - 1
Behind “The Chalet, House of Omelets” in a parking lot we stopped in while trying to find a hotel for the night. There is no stopping Grandpa.

We’re headed to Seattle today, currently we are in Astoria. Yes, we saw the Goonies house. (I’d never seen Goonies but we watched it last night). And then it’s back home.

My fingers just twitched with excitement at the thought of crafts.

trip - 8
Multnomah Falls in Portland.

But for now, we’re having a great time.

Thanks for the love.

We miss you all,


Alison, Gigi & Eric

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  1. Luz e. Howse

    fun! I love that last photo. I was born in /olympia WA so oregon I love!

  2. Melissa Bothwell-Inglis

    yeahhhh! So glad you guys got a real fun family outing in before the summer ends – way to 'risk' it and enjoy the benefits! Thanks for sharing clips of your journey with us… your adoring fans. ;o)

  3. Jenna

    I'm so glad the trip has been good with the baby! I know how rough it can be. Forward-facing saved our lives in the past!

    (The irony of that statement … I slay myself!)

    Beautiful pictures. Man, I need to go on a trip NOW!

  4. dana and justin

    looks like you guys are having fun! i'm glad gigi is handling the trip alright. i also have a little pill who wants what HE wants;)

  5. tori.nelson

    Oh The Funness!

  6. Amanda

    First of all, I can't believe you had never seen Goonies before! That is just ridiculous.

    I'd love to visit the northwest sometime. It looks absolutely dreamy. Driving there with a baby though, does not sound dreamy. Glad Gigi is taking it well.

    And life IS so much better forward-facing. Those pediatric doctors don't know what they're talking about when they say babies should be rear facing for 2 years ;). I'm sure Eleanor will be making the transition by 12 months.

  7. Jessica Dahlquist

    Tremendous post. So glad you survived and it is definitely a special trip you'll never forget. Love baby in the bathroom. Works everytime! Love you!

  8. Renae Ann

    I'm just north of Seattle and I hope you loved it up here!

  9. Steph

    I am glad you guys had a great trip! I love that area! Our road trip up the coast from San Diego to Seattle 4 years ago was my very first blog post. We had so much fun that Andrew keeps asking when we are going to do it again.

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