Itty Bitty Mushrooms


I have tons of ideas for mobile patterns all the time, but I’m trying to make the mobile patterns a bit more versatile, so they don’t have to ONLY work as a mobile.

That is why I’m pretty obsessed with these Itty Bitty Mushrooms. You can make them into a mobile, use them as a garland, and I think they would be TOO cute as ornaments on a Christmas tree. They are also quick enough to whip up as a gift-topper, and Gigi loves to shove them in her mouth. They would be a cute “play food” gift for a little one.

The Itty Bitty Mushroom Pattern and kit will be making its debut at Craft Lake City, but it will be in the shop shortly after!



Here they are as a garland:


And here’s a mobile:




In other news Gigi got a horrible fever yesterday and felt terrible, so her and dad made a bed on the floor and got lots of cuddle time in. You can see how sick she feels (little red eyes) but she’s still so excited to be queen of the blanket kingdom:


No, that’s not my soda on the couch. It’s Gigi’s. We thought we’d start her young. I even stopped crafting for a few hours to make sure the Gigi bug got lots of extra snuggles, kisses, and love. If you’re stressed out there’s hardly ANYTHING better for relieving stress than hugging a baby who can hug you back. Oh man. It’s heaven. Squishy, squirmy heaven.


Alison, Eric & Ginger


  1. Luz e. Howse

    You know I love those !!!!

    and that cute binky face reminds me of my girls!

  2. Megan

    OMG. That picture is perfect. She's so excited to be a big girl! I love it!

  3. Heather

    Just stop it. Too cute.

  4. manda

    that photo just made me get a little gushy. it's toooooooo sweet. TOOOO SWEET!

  5. Alison

    thank you!

    and manda, just imagine if you had seen it in person! gush central.

  6. hanner

    i love binky smiles.

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