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Craft Lake City is next Saturday, August 13! And even though it seems like I’ve been preparing for it for a while…I literally have so much to do it’s insane. I’m working on my deep breathing and not making life hell for those around me. But as I’m a very high-strung self involved person, that’s a pretty tall order!

Panic attacks aside, I’m SUPER SUPER excited about the things I have made so far! I wanted to really step things up a notch, and I think I have.

Last Saturday Gigi took extra long naps so I was able to make some screen-printed fabric to use on my little plushies. And speaking of plushies, I’ve got some friends to introduce you to:

The Little Tiny Mer-babe & Mer-hunk.

littletinyCLC - 01

littletinyCLC - 02

Oooooh, isn’t he hunky?

littletinyCLC - 03

The Mer-people were made with the finest materials! Egyptian cotton skin and tails, real wool felt hair, a suede bandeau top and head band, and the Mer-babe has real leather earrings and a cuff. With hand embroidered details of course. Yes, I embroidered nipples.

As you can see they are three-demensional.

littletinyCLC - 06

littletinyCLC - 04

littletinyCLC - 05

I plan on making more, and hopefully I will have a pattern ready in time for the show. But for now, there’s two girls for every guy.

littletinyCLC - 07

This Mer-babe is sporting metallic leather triangle earrings,

littletinyCLC - 08

and a screen-printed jersey bandeau top.

littletinyCLC - 09

I love their top-knots.

littletinyCLC - 10

I also used the screen-printed fabric to make some tummies on some old friends.

littletinyCLC - 14

littletinyCLC - 15

littletinyCLC - 16

I think this guy is my favorite.

littletinyCLC - 18

Some more Happy Hooters.

littletinyCLC - 17

And scholarly Peek-a-boo Bunnies.

littletinyCLC - 13

And I’m very please with how these Lucky Feather Pillows turned out. I used 100% wool felt, it’s like creamy butter, and duck cloth (like really nice canvas).

littletinyCLC - 11

littletinyCLC - 12

Ok. Show and tell Friday is over now! If you have your heart set on any of these little guys let me know! Someone already snatched up a lot of the Plucky Penguins, but hopefully I can make more! But do keep in mind, I’m only a factory for craft shows! After that you have to use the pattern!

So, who is your favorite?

Ok. On to MOBILES!




  1. Heather

    I couldn't help it…I already posted about your mer-hotties. I HAD to share their amazingness with my readers!!

  2. Nichelle

    AAAAAAAAAHH!! They're finally here!All I wanna do is sing "unda da sea" all day long. You have truly out done yourself this time. You really are an inspiration for most life stuff. K obviously my favorite is the blue haired mermaid because her big ol' dark lips make her look like she could be a number of different races! she's soooooooooo cool! i love you!

  3. hanner

    i think that your favorite is also my favorite. maybe i should get a bunch of owls in lieu of pillows for my couches instead?

  4. Roxanne

    so, so impressed. you ARE a factory. good luck at the craft show. and if you get down to the wire and need some helping hands, let me know!

  5. Rachel

    Those owls are great!

  6. Jenna

    Those are so cute, Alison!

  7. Alison

    thank you guys!!!

  8. Luz e. Howse

    wow! those embroidered nipples. nice!
    Also, I think I very much want one of those feather pillows!!!

  9. Jessica Dahlquist

    So proud of you. You are so amazing and everyone is going to LOVE your stuff at the fair. Love you and your craftiness!

  10. scheid family

    I LOVE all your amazing work! Those mer folk are to die for. I love mermaids and totally want to be one. You rae insane… too talented.

  11. scheid family


    And I while reading this post it made me homesick for you and I sooo want to show up at that craft fair as your #1 fan. So bad. Maybe next year?

  12. elsabags

    Love your stuff!

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