She has a HUGE roller boogie/brazil butt lift UPDATE!

Picture 13
(some awesome roller babes I didn’t share earlier.)

Ok, so I’ve been REALLY wanting the Roller Boogie soundtrack to motivate me on my runs! But alas, you cannot purchase the Roller Boogie soundtrack anywhere because it does not exist! It once existed as an album (like a record), but in no other form.

Determined to be inspired by the sexy naughty hot bodies in the movie (by channeling them on my runs with the soundtrack) I started searching online to see if I could piece the album together…when I came across a fan site that makes my love for the movie look like nothing more than a school-girl crush! This awesome fan took the liberty of providing the MP3’s of every Roller Boogie song she could find! It’s not a total complete soundtrack, but it’s better than nothing!


I was SO excited about this discovery I had to share it immediately! So I hope you enjoy it. It has some of my favorites, “Good Girls” (played while Terry is pulling on those devilishly short blue rainbow shorts), “Hell on Wheels” (played during the jaw-dropping opening credits) and “Lord is it Mine” (played during Bobby James heartfelt solo skate dedicated to Jammer).

In other news related to my butt…or things meant to help get my booty back in fighting shape, my Brazil Butt Lift DVD’s ARE AWESOME! They are not for lightweights! Some of the segments are easier than others, but a few of them are just absurdly insane. During the “Tummy Tuck” 20 minute ab workout I find myself mostly just rolling around on the floor asking, “WHY LEANDRO?! WHY?!” Do you know what I mean? When a workout video is so hard that you feel like you’ve just flopped around like a fish on dry land for most of it?

The Bum Bum (pronounced “Boom Boom”) workout is like a mix of Zumba and pilates. It’s pretty fun and a good workout but not moan-inducing. I’ve been doing the workouts for about 2 weeks and I kid you not my jeans are looser! (But also note the lack of doughnut updates…)

All in all with the Roller Boogie soundtrack and my Brazil Butt Lift I should have the best butt on the block just in time for…winter. Good job Alison, way to think that one through!

I love you all!


the soon-to-be best butt of any blogger you know…


  1. Luz e. Howse

    check out those rainbow suspenders!

  2. harper

    This post has pushed you to the number one position for my FAVORITE BLOGGER EVER. Seriously, you crack me up like no other. Funny and crafty, I'm a little jealous : )

  3. Liz

    Thrilled about the Roller Boogie soundtrack. I watched half of it last week, then something went wacky with my internet and netflix disconnected. I still need to finish it. But I watched enough to know that it is right up my alley. Bobby James is so gross and so fabulous at the same time.

    You've seen Breakin', right? If you like Roller Boogie, you'd totally be into Breakin'. Very similar storylines and eras.

  4. Roxanne

    just finally watched it…LOVED it. i sure wish i could dance on wheels. and, how did they go so many fit, attractive people in one movie?! but, i'm not sure how much i liked that ending..

  5. Alison

    Liz…I'm SO GLAD!!!! And I've seen Breakin' 2 electric bugaloo…but maybe not the original yet?! I need to get on that!

    harper! CUT IT OUT! you're too sweet! thank you! xoxo

    roxy! I TOTALLY AGREE. let's discuss!

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