She’s OBSESSED or My Ode to Roller Boogie

Last Saturday night I was stuffing some penguins (just your usual Saturday night fun) and I wanted to watch a little something while I stuffed. So I perused through Netflix and an image with a disco ball and fringe caught my eye (as those things tend to do). A film from 1979 called “Roller Boogie.”

From the opening scene I was HOOKED. The penguin was quickly thrown aside as I squealed, rolled, and slowly crawled towards the screen to get a closer look at the roller king of the Venice Beach Boardwalk: Bobby James. Eric noticed what was happening about half way through the movie. He hates most movies, but also became unintentionally intrigued by the gold lamé, bad acting, and over-the-top roller skating choreography. The fashion, GASP, the booty shorts. I stopped the movie and we started it again from the beginning.

The last time I became this obsessed with something, was the time I gave birth to my only child.

Yeah. That’s how obsessed I am.

In the last 5 days I have watched the movie at least 10 times. (I mean, it just plays in the background while I do my stuff) But that is no exaggeration. I cannot stop thinking about it, talking about it. I feel like a little kid who just discovered Toy Story or Elmo. I feel like I need to catch up for all the years I didn’t know this movie existed!

Honestly. It has changed my life. I don’t know what it is I like so much about it. Well. I know a few things. It’s S-E-X-Y and fun. But I’m going to start you off with the original 1979 trailer…

Yeah. It’s love on wheels.

Now for some screen shots of some of my favorite parts of the movie. Please note I don’t usually geek out this intensely. I’m fully aware that I’ve crossed a line (both social and legal) by doing this.

The opening scene gets you ready for some rolling fun.

Picture 3

And then we are introduced to Bobby James (Jim Bray) as he surveys the roller skating scene and his loyal 8-wheeled subjects.

Picture 5

Meanwhile in the Hills of Beverly, flautist and mega-babe, Terry Berkley (played by Linda Blair) gets ready to go slummin at the beach and give that crazy roller skating fad a try.

Picture 6

Picture 7

I want to make those shorts for Gigi. Anyway. Bobby soon sets his sights on Terry…but she’s not interested. OR IS SHE?

Picture 8

LOOK AT THAT FACE! The HAIR! His odd friend and his bad shirt! It’s not like he’s even that attractive, at first, he’s scrawny and awkward. But through the course of the movie you see his sexy skating moves and charm…and well, then the squealing starts.

Almost as good as Bobby James are the outfits that happen. Here are some of the things I LOVE.


Picture 9

Me and these pants are gonna party after my Brazil Butt Lift.

Picture 10

as well as these pants…

Picture 11

The shirt says it all

Picture 12

BAH! All Bobby wants is for Terry to give him one chance!

Picture 14

Her preppy pals, though awesomely dressed, don’t agree.

Picture 15


Picture 16

More Brazil Butt Lift inspiration.

Picture 17

A heart-felt skating solo when times get rough. I wish you could see the red sequined “B.J.” letters on his shirt in this picture. Unfortunate initials? Maybe, maybe not.

Picture 18

Will the kids be able to save the Jammer’s Roller Rink in time for the Roller Boogie contest?!? (And will American Apparel stay afloat now that we all know where they get ALL of their designs?!?)

Picture 19

Picture 20

Well I hate to give anything away but…

Picture 21

AHHH! I love it so much. Have you seen it? Will you watch it? Even if you hate it I don’t care. Though it’s hard for me to imagine anyone hating it. I even showed part of it to my mother-in-law.

Anyway. I’ve done all sorts of research on Jim Bray (Bobby James), and you should just know that he was an 8-time amateur skating champ, and he gave up his amateur status to star in Roller Boogie! Sadly he was never in anything again! Even though in interviews he had all sorts of plans. His nickname in high school was “Flash” and at the age of 18 (according to an interview in “Super Teen”) this was the type of girl he was in to: “I like a girl who has a lot of feeling for me and who dresses super neat. I like girls who have interests of their own. I don’t like girls who hang all over me. A great personality means a lot to me. I can’t stand phonies.”

Do you think I would have stood a chance?!?!

I can only dream.

Ok. This is the end of my rant.

Let me know if you want to Roller Boogie with me.



p.s. if you’re wondering how this is craft related, or relevant at all to anything, just know I HAVE LIKE 10 projects ideas based solely on inspiration from this movie already! Who knows how many more will sprout?! Maybe you’ll have ideas for projects you’d like me to do? I’M GAME. I mean, if they’re Roller Boogie related.


  1. girluntitled

    that's it. you have me convinced. roller boogie it is!

  2. Liz

    Oh my gosh, this looks fantastic. I am going to netflix it STAT! And I am in love with every single one of the outfits.

  3. Roxanne

    so, so good. this reminds me of how excited i was a couple of weeks ago when I realized that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was on Netflix currently. i think i will have to check this out…

  4. River Trout

    i haven't finished reading this post but….you are not going to believe what i am about to say….


    I haven't finished it yet, but my favorite part was when they were kissing in mid daylight on the sand, he was like "are you sure you want to do this?" and she was like, what are you talking about?!?! I just wanted someone to hold me.

    so good.

    christian had to leave the room he was so uninterested.

    i still think roll bounce might be better…..

  5. Little Gray Pixel

    Just added this to my Netflix queue. Looks too awesome for me to have not seen it already.

  6. andrea

    oh my gosh i love this post. totally watching this on netflix tonight!

  7. Heather Lea Zweig

    You're so funny. This is just as fantastic as your recap of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"

  8. Alison

    AHHH! I'm so excited that you guys are into this! I thought you might all be turned off cause I was SOOO enthusiastic!

    And Tara or "River Trout"
    1. There are at least 10 people who look like you in the film

    2. I dont think you can even COMPARE the two movies. This is in a field all its own!

    3. You ALMOST got the quote but changed one word that makes it one million times more awkward:

    Bobby says, "Are you sure you want to do IT?" IT! IT! And I love more than anything in that same scene how he says, "What do you want from me?" like a robot!


    Lea, I cannot believe you remember that post! I LOVE THAT MOVIE. AND YOU!

  9. Nichelle

    i'm really happy about the forthcoming crafts inspired by this movie because it means more gold and/or disco stuff. I LOVE DISCO, can i get some avante guarde typeface up in here??

  10. Rachel

    Too funny. "Whip it"

  11. carla thorup

    i smell a craftastic roller boogie b-day party at classic skating.

    you could totally pull it off with all that enthusiasm!

  12. Jenna

    Best post EVER. I am 98% sure my mother saw this movie and loved it.

    Also, LINDA BLAIR??? Haha.

    Oh, and that picture of the opening credits totally looks like a donut, which is also fitting for this blog.

  13. Audrey

    One "get down" t-shirt for this girl please. love this post.

  14. Alison

    jenna! thank yoU!

    and AUDREY…

    I KNOW RIGHT?!?! I'm SOOOO on it. Tutorial coming soon!

  15. hanner

    more blogs need to have awesome movie play by plays. i am completely serious.

  16. mandy dominici

    I am going to watch it right now instead of clean the house.

  17. liz canaan roberts

    totally seen this film more than once. i started going disco rollerskating at classic in orem when i was 14 and didn't stop until i was like 26. marriage. kids and a very disinterested husband are all that's stopped me. though he did surprise me and take me there for my b-day last year, which was sweet. it's just not the same though as when you're 17 and skating to dancing queen, you know?

    of course, if you ever have a roller boogie party i would be there in a heartbeat!

    and it totally made my evening that you posted so many pics and are so obsessed with this. i love you all the more for it.

  18. tori.nelson

    Dude's booty is making me insanely jealous. I'm all in for some roller boogie if I get to wear some sequin pants.

  19. Jana

    oh geez. we gotta watch this. you know how we love a roller movie in this household.

  20. Shauna

    I love this movie!!! I sneaked(is this a word) into this theatre instead of my g-rated one. Does this date me? So be it! Is that Stevie Nicks in the purple tie up shirt? Seriously, I love her too!

  21. Heather

    This looks like the perfect sunday night activity for Matt and I. I can't stop thinking about that little preview I had with you the other day. I can't WAIT!

  22. scheid family

    I need to leave you more comments so you know I am ACTUALLY reading your blog. DUH. I mean did you ever question? Once I started writing in my blog again I ended up sitting there for QUITE SOME TIME and getting caught up on your blog. I even made Russian Cream for a little mini dinner party I had. (Everyone loved it!) And now you are in trouble because my little heart is set on buying Roller Boogie… 12.99 on amazon. Not too bad.. but I am also SET on buying that cupcake pop book that your Aunt wrote. WHAT? Amazing. You are always so full of inspiration. I'll be Rooollerr Boogy-ing in the streets of Germany if you need me.

  23. Davenport Dame

    This looks like my type of movie! Rollerskating (my favorite past time). Sequins (my attached accessory of choice). Boogie rhythm (I think I have it in spades). I NEED this movie.

  24. courtni

    glad i got a quick ALI catch-up before i pressed play on some unexciting option on netflix. are they serious with – NEW RELEASE: santa claus 2? this will redeem netflix in my sad eyes.

  25. Staci

    oh wow. I watched it… it was terrible… in that awesome 70's way of course. 🙂 If you want some REALLY good 70's roller lovin you need to watch Xanadu. (Also on Netflix instant play). Please tell me you've seen it. If you like Roller Boogie you'll love Xanadu. I grew up on it!

  26. Diana

    i think you are the funniest person i've ever known. and that's saying a lot, because i know myself very well.

    remember when we saw each other in the temple?

  27. Claire

    Ohmygod. I just watched it for the first time. Help me. I must have him. Can’t think of anything else. Can I order the red Heaven shirt? Preferably the one he wore so I can sleep in it. Help. Please help me.

  28. Oh girl… there is so much that I had forgotten about that movie of awesomeness. Thanks for the reminder. xo

  29. Cathy

    I’m equally obsessed with this film. I love the fashion and I loved the “get down” shirt so much I had one made. No one seems to get the humor of the shirt, but I love it. Now all I need is a “Fair is Fair” shirt and I’m done.

    1. THAT WOULD BE an amazing shirt!!

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