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So it’s totally baby shower season, yes? I have thrown a lot, I MEAN A LOT of baby showers in my day. And I know how daunting it can be to figure it all out if you’re the one in charge! So I thought over the next little while I’d throw out some of the ideas I’ve used in the past.

This was a Pea in the Pod shower that I helped host for my lady Nichelle. She was having a little boy, but I think this shower would work equally well for a little pea pod princess.

This is this invitation I used!



And since I’m not selling them in my store anymore, I thought I’d make them available for you to use!


After I made these invites, I spent HOURS searching for pea pod shaped cookie cutters to no avail. And then I had and this idea:

PEA POD CAKE POPS! If you’ve never made cake pops, they are silly easy. And you can read my tips about making them here.

This is what I came up with.


Look at this little guy’s Jheri curl.


peapod - 2


1. Make your cake pops and dip them in green candy melts.

2. Let your pea pods dry.

3. Meanwhile cut out little pea pod shapes from green paper. To make sure you have the right size just cut out some prototypes and hold them up against your cake pop. You want them to be able to cover the bottom and come about half way up on the pea.

4. When your cake pops dry hot glue the pea pod paper onto the stick. I glued mine so that they came up half way on the little pea. It will be easiest if you place a dot of glue on the PAPER (on the bottom in the center) and then place it on the stick. This will help you position it more accurately.

5. Use black icing gel to make two tiny dots for eyes. I just bought one of those cheap tubes at the super market. Don’t try to squeeze tiny dots from the tube, just lightly dot the cake pop with the tip when it has a bit of icing on it.

6. To display the pea pods I bought two green rectangle blocks of styrofoam from the craft store. I cut out two “grass” pieces and hot glued them to the front. You can kind of see the styrofoam in this picture. Just make sure that the dips in the blades don’t go too deep. You don’t want to see the styrofoam!

peapod - 3

Alternately, I think it would be super cute to do the eyes like I did for this fox I made. (This was one of my forest friend Christmas cookies I made last year)

peapod - 4

peapod - 5

To make eyes like those, buy white nonpareils (also available at your local grocer) and then use either an edible pen, or the black icing gel to make the pupil. Yes, I own an edible pen. OF COURSE I OWN AN EDIBLE PEN. And that it what I used.

I think these eyes would look SUPER cute. Then your pea pod’s will REALLY be able to keep an eye on you. If you go this route, you will need to place the nonpareils on the cake pop before the candy melt sets. Or you could put them in place with a little extra candy melt after the fact.


Eric’s amazing Aunt, Wendy Paul who I’ve mentioned before, has a Cake Bite cookbook coming out soon that is AMAZING! It’s called 101 Gourmet Cake Bites for Every Occasion. I shared this idea with her and she has a really cute version of it in her book! It’s even on the cover! I’m really excited for her book. There are a lot of DECORATING cake pop/cake bite books out there, but her book focuses on dozens of tasty fillings and toppings. Raspberry Cheesecake cake bites anyone?? My favorite I’ve tasted? The MAPLE BACON cake bite. Be still my heart.

Anyway! I hope you find some use out of these ideas! They went over real, real well. They take a bit of time, but not too much, and you can make them a day or two ahead. They make a pretty cute favor too.

Now go get to baking! Or eating. Or working on your Brazil Butt lift. My booty is super sore from day 1!




  1. Sarah loves it all

    So cute Alison! I love that invite!!

  2. Rachel

    That's too cute! How creative.

  3. Elle Keeps Moving

    you stop it, alison. that's too precious. i wouldn't know whether to eat those pops or kiss and squeeze them first they're so cute.

  4. Nichelle

    i'm loving all these references to me! (although my blog is hardly anything to be linking people to) but just for the record, this was the best baby shower i've ever had! the pea pods were the best, everyone should download this invite and make those cute pea pops. can't wait to see your bare butt in person

  5. tori.nelson

    Super cute! I'm particularly in love with the Jheri-curled pea pop!

  6. Susan

    The Pea in the Pod bay shower invite link only goes to an empty page, thought I would let you know.

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