Fringe Necklace Winner and Binky Liberation Day

Can just say how LOVED I feel?! I enjoyed all of your comments and baked goods entries so much! Thank you for your sweet words. So many of you had such amazing ideas for how to feast while wearing your Chevron Fringe! It made my tummy growl.

Unfortuantely this girl only has so many hours in the day, and so, there can only be ONE winner. I chose the winner with and without further pomp the winner is:


It chose #1! See, it pays to comment quickly! And Rachel, you are #1! You didn’t tell us what baked good you’d enjoy while wearing this sucker, so please share! Also, email me to discuss color options! alisonfaulkner [at] gmail [dot] com.

I’d also like to add that the adorable girls over at Ask the Duplex featured me with a fringe fashion related question today! Their blog is super cute so be sure to check it out and leave your feedback.

I recently ombré dyed some fringe! Look at me combining tutorials. I love the way it turned out but you can’t totally get the full picture from these pictures so I’ll have to try again.

disco fringe

In other news, we deemed today Binky Liberation Day. We finally dropped Gigi’s crib (we waited dangerously too long…parents of the year award) and in total TEN pacifiers were liberated! Can you beat that number?



Ginger just kept spitting out the pacifier in her mouth to try another one. Like a true connoisseur.

And speaking of Ginger, has anyone else felt like they need MORE pictures of her?! Good, me too. These are my favorite bald heads in the world.


Then I get mad and say there are no pictures of my daughter and me because Eric loves having pictures taken of them. So then he takes some to appease the beast.


Doesn’t Gigi look thrilled? Ha.

Well I hope you have a fabulous day. I think I’ll finally post that tutorial I keep talking about. Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow I swear.




  1. amanda jane

    gigi is so adorable.

  2. Rachel

    I'm a rachel… but I don't know if I was "The" rachel. Love your photos, too cute

  3. Alison

    Yes Rachel! YOU! xo


    thank you. I totally agree.

  4. manda

    she is so perfectly the best combination of you and eric. she's so adorable! miss you/love you

  5. Heather

    10 liberated binkies!? Wow! I thought 5 was impressive when we moved Cole's crib. Ginger is just an overachiever. Smart girl.

  6. ashley

    Gigi's legs are freaking cute. I love the photos!

  7. hanner

    someone told me a few weeks ago they'd never heard of the word "binky" before. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

  8. Heather Lea Zweig

    I want to hug that baby! HUG!

  9. dana and justin

    i love her face in that last picture… cute!

  10. Sarah loves it all

    HA! I freakin love you. I see some of my peeps came over to see you. I sent out a tweet about receiving your package. SO EXCITED! I will be wearing the necklace to my family reunion this weekend.

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